Are strollers at WDW ever stolen?


Hi all!
We are taking our baby boy to WDW for the first time in October and since we only live a few hours away we are driving there and bringing our own stroller. Here is my question. We have a very nice stroller that I love. This stroller was a Special Limited Edition and they are no longer made so I can not replace it and I am worried…do strollers ever get stolen at WDW? Our stroller is fantastic and light weight and would be ideal for WDW but I am just so paranoid that someone else will like it too and take it. Should we buy a less expensive stroller to take instead?

Thanks in advance!!!


We’ve taken a Maclaran Triumph for the past two years, which wasn’t a cheap stroller (and there are much more expensive ones out there) but we’ve never had a problem.


I have a Rockstar Baby. I am looking at a Maclaren umbrella stroller actually.


I think only empty Disney strollers get stolen. It’s so easy to slip the nametag out of the slip if there are no belongings in the stroller.

If you have a bunch of stuff in there, no one is going to mess with it. And with the stroller being your own, it would be all too easy to identify.

I don’t think anyone is going to be walking around WDW, searching for a limited edition stroller. :laugh:


We forgot ours back in May so we stopped at Target and bought a little $30 umbrella stroller and actually love it. I was always used to this big bulky one we used, but I got my 30 bucks worth for sure…
Anyway…no other guests wanted mine except one night we were watching fireworks by the castle and a CM guarding the rope stole my stroller with my backpack on it with my WALLET in it:ohmy: …I had to chase him down through a huge crowd to stop him and find out why he took it. Turns out he had mistaken it for another lost stroller.:huh: So I would watch out for CM’s more…they constantly move them and condense them to other areas…gets confusing sometimes.


Yes, it always amazes me how many people leave all there belongings piled high in their strollers!! Video/Camera bags (don’t know if stuff is in them) but right there in plain sight!

I always take a big canvas bag and leave in the stroller, but I keep all my valuables on me . . . so I agree with LittleMissMagic . . . I think the blue rentals are more easily “stolen” then your own personal stroller!!

My only advice is if you LOVE IT THAT MUCH, don’t take it . . . because there is always “a chance” something could happen to it! (I’m not much help am I?)


I have never heard of a stroller taken and we had our Maclaren out there with all of our bags on it … safe and sound … moved from where we placed it (darn workers moving it in the rain!!!) but it was safe and sound!


OK I asked this question on another disney fan site also and people there have had strollers stolen. :eek: It’s so sad really, that nasty, thieving people are everywhere, even someplace as magical as WDW. :frown:


It might not have been intentional. I mean, a lot of strollers look alike. In a hurry, one might easily mistake someone else’s stroller for their own.

But, since you are so worried about your stroller, don’t take it. Purchase a $15 umbrella stroller. It’s very portable, and it’s no big deal if it gets misplaced, broken, stained, or stolen.


[QUOTE=LittleMissMagic]It might not have been intentional. I mean, a lot of strollers look alike. In a hurry, one might easily mistake someone else’s stroller for their own.

There are a lot of high end, really expensive strollers on the market now and stealing one would not be unintentional. :frown: I wouldn’t leave my stroller unattended anywhere else, so why would WDW be any different I guess. :huh:


Oh, well, I was still on the disney strollers… they all look alike.


The strollers get moved a lot as CMs try to make room for more but I haven’t heard of any stolen. I’m sure it has happened but it I don’t think it happens a lot.

If your stroller is something that you feel can’t be replaced and you are going to worry about it your whole trip leave it at home and buy a cheap one for your trip. If you aren’t going to worry about it each time you park it take it and enjoy using it.


DH and I were just talking and we really would love to take our stroller because it is so smooth and easy to maneuver and it is really comfy for DS, but do you think there is something we could do to prevent it from being stolen? Maybe put our name on it in permanent marker? Any ideas anyone? I hate to spend money on something that may not be comfy for DS.


take him to the store and have him test-try them.


It’s just my opinion but I would take the stroller I wanted and not worry about it. I’m not a huge worrier about things that can be replaced (I know you can’t get the exact model but you could find another stroller you like almost as much.) Life is too short to worry about the small things, if taking your stroller will make your trip better take it.

I don’t think you can do anything that will keep someone who wanted your stroller from taking it. They aren’t going to care if your name is on it, they aren’t going to keep it, most likely it will be left at the gate at the end of the night.

Relax and enjoy your trip!!


We’ve never had a problem with our strollers. On recent trips we’ve taken an older model Maclaren double umbrella (I also always keep the valuables on me & never leave anything besides rain ponchos in the stroller). I do remember once reading a funny tip on how to prevent your stroller from being stolen. Someone said that they put a diaper in a clear plastic bag, then put in some melted chocolate and a little Pepsi to make it look like a REALLY dirty diaper. They tied the bag to the handle and it kept everyone away from their stroller (it might even keep the CM’s from moving it around on you!:laugh:) I’ve never tried it, but it’s an idea!!


That’s HILARIOUS and I’m sure very effective too. :laugh:


That idea is too funny!!! :laugh: We have never had any problems on the two trips we took strollers. The three things we had to worry about were the CMs moving them (we weren’t aware they did that at first), forgetting and leaving valuables in the stroller (which no one ever did), and all the places & rides you cannot take the strollers.

If you take your own, I agree that you should not have any problems, but if it going to be a big worry for you when you should be ‘relaxing’, it would be better to leave it at home and deal with a slightly less comfortable, less maneuverable rental or cheap stroller.

Prezcatz Paul


Who’s the father? Maybe I’ve worked with him.

Not having a child, I only have passing knowledge here, but from the lack of upset parents I’ve seen over the years, I think strollers are pretty much left alone.


Aside from thoughts of stolen strollers, how would your stroller fit on buses and such? Or do you plan to drive from park to park. For my DGD first trip, her parents took this very nice but huge stroller and it was a pain to carry on buses. Next trip they brought a smaller (and cheaper) stroller.