Are the monorails scotter user friendly?


My mom will be traveling with us next trip and I will be renting her a scotter from a Orlando company. Come to recall I have never seen one of these on the monorails or even boarding one.


I HAVE seen wheelchairs and scooters board a monorail. I am not sure if you have to wait for a certain one, or if all are “scooter friendly” but I am nearly 99.9% sure I’ve seen them.


There are certain cars on the monrail that are handicap accessable.


They have a ramp that the CM puts down to allow you to roll on and off.


Sorry - no answer - I’m tired, I just checked in here to see what a “scotter” was. Should have figured it out!


Sorry,just checked back in,I mean scooter. DUH!!!


I’ve watched several scooters load on the monorail and with the ramp the CM puts down it looks pretty easy. If there are too many people in the HC accessible car they are asked to move to another car to make room for the wheelchair or scooter.


It’s Disney they’re friendly towards everyone. They make sure anyone with a disability or has a scooter or wheelchair are comfortable.


I once saw a woman in a scooter get right on with no problem, with her little grandbaby getting a ride with her! Looked like fun for the little guy, and hassle-free for the woman!