Are the water parks busiest on any particular days?


Boss or Richard…Please don’t say “yeah, they’re busiest on hot days”…:dry:

It would seem swimming is very important to my DDIL. Perhaps it’s not something she had the chance to do in the Philippines. Well, anyway, their first day is a Saturday. Would you recommend a water park or one of the main parks? My DH and I don’t care about the waterparks, so I’ve never really noticed any trend with them.


We’ve only done them once, and when I was planning that particular trip, I read that Thursdays are the best days to go to water parks. I’m not sure what day is the busiest. If I have a chance, I’ll pull out the book that used that year and see if they say anything about Saturdays at the water parks.


Okay, so I remembered that wrong. :blush: Thursdays are the days they usually close one or the other. Weekends tend to be travel days, so they are actually good days to go to the water parks since they don’t usually reach capacity as people are traveling and not doing parks, according to the Unofficial Guide 2008. However, they recommend Mondays and Fridays as the best days to go to the water parks.


Yea - you got me.


Thank you. Now that you mention weekends as travel days, I’m guessing as people are just getting to disney, most want to get to a park, not swimming first thing.


I don’t remember the weekend being any busier than during the week!!


Sounds like she knows us TOO well. :whistling


Now is that a good or bad thing??? :wacko::biggrin: