Are there any attendance projections for the summer?


Since the economy is in the toilet and more people than ever are staying home this summer, does Disney have any attendance projections for the summer? Higher, lower, the same? Just curious.


Due to the OVERWHELMING response from the winter, I expect the attendance this summer to be higher than it’s been in years. The parks, though managable right now, have been WAY above the norm so far this year in attendance, thanks to the amazing offers and sells, and as WDW continues to make great deals to keep guest coming, I can only forsee that this summer will be VERY busy. I’m at Castle show today and every show, when I look down Main Street, is full, and kids are still in school.


Wow, thanks for the input. I know I have been telling the people about the deals as well. Thanks!


Yeah, I was gonna say, I think in June there are still people that are traveling from that popular ‘Buy 4 nights, get 3 free.’ Then, I believe ‘free dining’ starts earlier this summer… maybe August? Unfortunately I really think it’s going to be one BUSY & HOT summer in WDW. I’ll be there fighting the crowds though too, in late June.


I have to agree. I was amazed at the Mother’s Day weekend crowd. A BIG difference from last year!


I doubt the people will stay away! Had Disney not had those great deals it might be another story.


Does anyone think that people are going in the spring to avoid the heat? I hope so… I want a light travel week- please… can anyone make that happen? It is the place where wishes come true…


I know I would not be going in August without the deal they offered. I am anticpating large crowds, but it’s all worth it.


When are you going in June? We went last June around the second week and it was PACKED. However, we knew how to work it so we still really enjoyed ourselves!


You kidding? It’s spring for another month and we’ve had temps in the mid-90s all week. :laugh:


We’ve found it great, really managable crowds in September- kids are back in school so that counters the people like us who can’t resist the free dining offer! :wub:
Hopefully this year, other parents will be more strict than we are & won’t dare take their kids out of school for a trip to Disney World!! :laugh:


I just got back from a mid-week trip, Monday-Thursday, and the parks were full of people. We expected lower crowds because it was during the week and schools weren’t out yet, but we were wrong! Lots of kids and families!! Still manageable with fastpass and some planning… we went back to our hotel in the middle of the day when it was the hottest and most crowded for a swim and some relaxing. It helped a lot!


I am going June 5-13… I was hoping for mid 80s with no crowds- not really expecting it, but hoping all the same. I was thinking that with everyone going early in the year-that they would take a break in the summer… We will manage, and I am thankful to be going, but it will be a shock in my “go in early March before the crowds” system… All the same- I am really excited for the kids that they are getting to go.


my family will also be at disney world june 4th-13th.
I read the other day that the attendence is about 1% low, but they are not seeing the amount of sale in the park.
We have paid for the trip already and are not bringing much spending money, unless there is some good buys.


Well I just hope for a good discount, cooler weather, and lighter crowd level for the last week of Oct. when I am planning to be there…


I’m thinking that I need to check the crowd calendar for our trip. I was assuming that since there were so many offers out there that attendance was going to be low. I need to prep everyone for lots of people!


I always check the Crowd Calendar before I even plan a trip. After the trip dates are confirmed, I then use it to plan my park visits and meals. Since I’ve never done it any other way, I don’t really know if my method has helped me much. But, I have never ended a Disney trip feeling parks were too crowded or queues were too overwhelming.


How do you get to the crowd calendar?


I usually do too, but this year we were sort of limited as to when we could go. Now I’m just hoping that it won’t be super crowded.


Disney World Crowd Calendar — The Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World

You either have to buy the current Unofficial Guide or pay a small fee to use the calendar for the year.