Are there any hard ticket events in April?


I’m looking at our dates, April 16 thru 24, and MK is open late on sun, mon, and tue. But on fri and sat., MK is only open till 7. I can’t find anything on the site. Does anyone know if it’s grad nites???


Disney Grad Nites at Walt Disney World Florida - Grad Nites

Looks like that’s what it is!


Thank you. Dumb me, one would have thought the WDW site would have said so. But nooooo, I clicked on the 18 and it states that date has no park hours, no parades, no nothing. LOL


Grad Night, and also don’t forget P and P during April as well.


When do you think they will officially announce the April dates for the Pirate and Princess Party? I will be there 4/26 - 5/1 and was hoping to get to do the P& P again, but I haven’t seen any official word yet. Any ideas?


I’ll be there from 4/27-5/4. i would love to take my little ones (and big ones) there. Whats the word Rowdy?


They’ve posted the dates through June for P and P. If they’re not on the site yet I’ll write them down for you at work when I get a chance. The party will go through August since August 29th is the first day of Halloween Party


Wish they were doing it the week before Easter…we’re just barely going to miss it…shucks!


Yay, I am hoping for a Party on 4/29 as well.


It’s looking good since MK closes at 7 that night.:goofybounce:


Wonder what’s going on May 31st, MK closes at 7 that day too…hey, maybe it’s PPP ??? I was so busy being disappointed about missing it our March trip, I forgot to check the schedule for our May trip…I’ll do that now.


The MK closes at 7 on 5/31 and 6/4 and word on the street is that it’s for P&P parties. I think I’m excited about it. Would you go on the 31st?


Daisee gave me think link earlier today when I asked about the MK closing early on 6/4.

Pirate & Princess Party at Walt Disney World

It’s looking good!


I just emailed DSis to see if they want to do it, if their answer is yes, I bet our whole group (16 of us) will do it!!


Hey, it looks like we’ll be at WDW at the same time…we need to meet up and at least say hi!!! We’d LOVE to meet you!!
We leave Texas on May 29th, arrive in Orlando the evening/night of May 30th and hit the parks on May 31st. We leave to come home Saturday June 7th.
BDavis posted our plan on other thread…hopefully our paths will cross somewhere!!


That sounds like fun! We’re going with another family but they won’t be there in time for the 5/31 party. We have two choices–go on the 31st for Nate’s birthday or wait and go with friends on 6/4. I think Nate wants to go and my DH said go for it, it sounded fun to him.


Your dates sound a lot like ours. We arrive late on the 30th and we leave early on the 8th. It’s a shorter trip for us but we needed one last trip before our APs expire.

We may have to plan to meet up during the party it we’re both there.


This trip is shorter for us to…we used to stay for 10 days, but only went every few years…now we take shorter trips and go 3 times a year!!:laugh: I like it this way better!!!
We MUST meet up if we’re there at the same time!!


Walt Disney World Annual Events Schedule


I know I don’t know what they are waiting for!