Are there better boats for Adults (with or without children)


So, I was reading up on the Wonder; and I noticed that the older ship had a design to it that kinda tucked away the adult only areas and boasted a 10,000 sq ft. Roman bath inspired spa area. This was quite appealing for me and my Mrs. as we won’t be travelling with children, so our focus is different. We don’t mind families and children.

Now, I understand (after booking) an extensive dry-docking this Autumn will renovate and redesign the Spa and possibly add the elevated water slides, more of them, and update some tech. There are two newer Disney boats with these features and two more new boats on the way. All bigger boats.

I feel all the new tech, virtual/magic portholes and water slides everywhere would be a more family/child kinda a pull to it and I absolutely understand that its important for business to keep the family markets. And I am glad I booked because there is still a hint of adulty-ness about the Wonder and newer bookings would be based on the unknown changes (concerning the renovations)so the attendance may still be more adult-ish.

Does anyone here think the older two boats are more adult-ish? Do you think there is a market for a Disney boat to be more developed for adult activity and appeal? I am a Disney rewards guy so changing lines for this edge is not my first choice by a long shot. But Disney has run in this market before with other properties.