Are there limits on the purchases that qualify for points?


I’m not sure why I haven’t done this in the past, but if I decide to start paying my mortgage, my kids tuition, the groceries (paying the balance off each month, of course), will I build up points?

And, is there presently a limit on how many points you can accrue in a given month or year?


Check the paperwork that came with the DV- or call the number on the card. I remember reading there are limits but I never reach them. I average 300-400/year but use them all way before they expire (5 years?). We put everything we can on and pay it off monthly- including tuition, books ect… I even charged my motorcycle and paid it off the following month! That was a nice bump to the DDRs!

If you figure out a way to pay your mortgage with DV and no increased payment for using a CC, please post it! We do the car insurance and everything else but the utilities and mortgage make us pay a fee for using a credit card equal to the DDR I would earn so it is pointless.

The absolute key is paying the CC EVERY month in full. If you can’t do it, the interest is really high and you essentially forefit your DDRs by paying interest. I have an issue with paying interest so I never chance it. If I don’t have cash to cover the CC I don’t use it.
Good Luck!


I think there is no limit on the number of points you can accrue. There are places that will charge you for paying by credit card (any credit card) because of the fees attached; I cannot pay my real estate taxes with a credit card at all because of the fees the city is charged. When I pay my state and federal taxes with a credit card, I am charged an additional amount due to the fees. I would check with the mortgage company and college before I put them on a credit card.
I have a Disney Visa and use it for a multitude of different things. We go to WDW at least twice a year, and I always have $200-$300 in Rewards Dollars. Maybe I use the card TOO much!:ohmy:


As long as it is paid- it is not too much! It is free money… We exclusively use the DV for everything. It took a while to get DH to use it for small purchases but they add up. Our contractor wouldn’t take a CC and I was crabby about it! I could have earned 8 DDRs! Hey that is 2 Mickey bars LOL!


Thanks for the information. Boy, I love this site because I know that whatever question I have about Disney, however seemingly arcane, I’ll get an answer quickly.

Thanks for the information about the mortgage payments, too. I checked with my mortgage company online and I don’t even see an option to use a CC for the monthly payment, so I guess that’s out. Too bad, those would be some sweet points each month!

Unfortunately we’ve been carrying a pretty hefty balance on our Disney Card (without adding anything new). So I think I’m going to transfer that to a lower-rate card and start using the Disney Visa exclusively for purchases that would ordinarily get paid with cash anyway.

We’re planning an Easter 2010 trip and I’d like to have as many points as possible.


I believe the limit is 750 reward dollars per year, or $75,000.00 worth of charges. We use it for everything too, but we do not reach the max each year. I wonder if I can get the mortgage put on the card, now that would be a big boost to the rewards.


We use ours for all monthly purchases that we’d normally pay cash, debit or check for with the exception of mortgage and some utlities for reasons listed above. I asked someone about the mortgage thing (not the Co.) and was told they won’t do that because of something to do with being able to file a type of bankrupcy on certain bills or something. I don’t know since we’ve never filed.

Anyway last month I thought I was going to be smart and rack up an extra 20 points. We owed about 2,000 left on our car and had to $ to pay it off so I thought why not put it on the card and pay it there. Sounded like a win-win to me. So I sent DH to the bank (BIG MISTAKE!!!) He goes through everything then tells me later “oh, btw the only way to put it on a card with a Credit Union was to have it as a cash advance” ARGHHHH!!!:mad: Not only do you NOT get points towards CA’s but you have to pay extra fees($40) as well. Basically we went 1 step forward/2 steps back.
Make sure you check out what you’re putting on there.


Wow, those are some great points stories. I wish they would open the credit card up to Canadians!!
Come On Disney Visa…we Canadians want to spend money too!!:laugh:


There is no longer a limit to the amount of points you can earn on a Disney Visa. A couple of years ago it was a 750 point limit.


[QUOTE=Mickey Mom;979645]Wow, those are some great points stories. I wish they would open the credit card up to Canadians!!
Come On Disney Visa…we Canadians want to spend money too!!:laugh:[/QUOTE]

Ditto! :crying: I soooo want a DV :sad:


YAY! When did it change? Not that I ever spend that much money a year, but it is nice to know that I could if I wanted to :happy: