Are There Peak Vs. Value Times for Cruises?


Like the resorts/parks have, is there a better time to cruise that won’t be as expensive? We’re up for pretty much any time of year, and are beginning the planning of a land/sea trip in 2014. I glanced at prices for the months of Feb and May, when we like to do the parks, but wondering if there is another time of year when cruise prices might drop.


Look on Discount Cruises, Last Minute Cruises, Cruise, Cruise Line, Cruise Vacation

You can search for cruises by date, departure port, cruise line, etc. If you look at ships that call a certian port home you can see when the cheaper rates are. ANd they even advertise Disney cruises.

Booking far out (11-12 months) many times will get you the best deal until there are cabins open under 60-90 days out. And if you can wait for 30 days out even better.


My guess would be that anytime kids are in school would be cheaper than when they are out… I have never cruised DCL though.


I bet peak hurricane season offers a few discounts (but they charge more for lifejackets to make up the difference!).


Absolutely. Just like the parks all of the holidays, when schools are out.

Other times might suprise you though, depending on where you want to cruise.