Are you 23?


I saw this posted on and thought it was interesting.

More on Are You 23?
We received the following email rumor regarding the Are You 23? campaign that we’ve been putting up posters for.
The are you 23 posters are [an] advertisment for a new Disney fan club that will be targeted to the die hard fan of the company. The execs were receiving complaints that the other disney fan clubs were targeted to the average disney fan and not the “true” fan. The new club will have annual fee, special events and exclusive merchandise. The are you 23? is a reference to the year that the disney company was officially founded. hope this helps.

You can be among the first to hear officially about this (or whatver it turns out to be) by signing up here on


Well curiousity got the better of me and I signed up to find out more! The question “Are you 23” turned into Tinkerbell and then a huge countdown saying 40 days- I put my e-mail in and it said I had been successful but for what I dont know …



Are you 23?


Why yes, yes I am. :laugh:


You beat me to this line. I was gonna be the witty one. Hrrrrumfff