Are you a couple? No , we're married. A trip report


Photopass guy was taking our picture and asked “Are you a couple”. DH replied, no, we’re married. So we’re laughing and he is still snapping. DD (who has access to our account) sees the picture and asks why were you laughing.

So our trip…in May we went with DGS, in Sept, DGD, this trip was us alone. All alone. Dec 2 to Dec 10.

On Dec 1 we were needed to watch DGS. Not our first choice of things to do when we planned to get up at 4 a.m. but it was DS’s work Christmas party with the higher ups, so we said we’d do it. Yeah, we’re push overs.

After the one year old fell asleep, I told DH to go to bed. I stayed up with the boys and we watch Christmas shows. DS shows up about 11. Pack up boys, kiss kiss hug hug, get out. I get to bed about midnight.

7 seconds later the alarm goes off. We already had most of the bags in the car. I just need to throw a box of frozen food into a suitcase, and into the back seat. Out the door, get to airport no problems.

Full flight, very full. Southwest, so it was open seating. The last two people to board was a mother and child. There are not two seats together. Gate agent said we need two seats…no body moves. I don’t know what happened with the mom that she didn’t board during family boarding, but any way, no one is volunteering to move. Gate agent said, we need two seats and this plane is not moving until it happens. I was not fond of that statement. After 3 or 4 mins, some one volunteers.

We land, we get to ME just in time to board a bus. I think there was perhaps 2 or 3 seats to spare. Get to BLT, room was not ready but then again it was only about 11 am. About an hour later , I get a room ready text. But it’s on the first floor. I’m not fond of first floor rooms due to the lack of privacy, but the fact that the studios at BLT have no sheers make it worse. So I called and asked for a different room. We got a room on the second floor about an hour later.

Got to room and DH took a nap. I was getting ready to order from amazon prime now. I had planned a list for a few weeks. We were not getting drink mugs, so I was ordering soda, milk, oj, few snack and gallons of water. Well, I pull up my cart and half the soda is gone. It seems that weekend all cans diet pepsi and diet coke disappeared off the face of the earth. Cherry pepsi, or coke zero sugar was there, just nothing I wanted. Anyway so I spend some time deciding on new list and ordered.

We got a wheelchair for DH from Walker Mobility. While DH was napping, I added lights to the wheels. I had battery operated led lights in red and green. Using zip ties and duct tape, I wrapped them around and down the spokes of the big wheels. During the week we got dozens of comments from people. “nice wheels, awesome, cool wheels”. There was a little boy who walked over and said “I like your lights very much” CM gave DH a high five. Another CM said that is so cool and they are even LEDs. Not sure why LEDs are note worthy. One teenager who was in her own chair asked where we bought them. One dad, who’s child was in a chair, asked details on how to attach them and such. I had put them on for fun. Never thought we’d get so many comments.

ok, first night we went to MK. It was a Saturday. Park was open until 11. It seemed very busy to us. We had used our three FP perhaps did webway and got out of there. We had trouble going against the flow.

It was only about 8 but I only had four hours of sleep the night before, so our first day was over.

Sunday morning we decided to the brunch at Trails End. We enjoyed it very much. Later that day we went to DHS

Had FPs for Toy story, star tours and Frozen sing along. At the end of Frozen they usually have the song “let it go” along with bubbles and lights and lasers, now they have an ending with Olaf and a different song for Christmas. We weren’t fond of this new ending.

After this, all the days are confused, so no more day by day.

We went to AK and rode FOP. The FP entrance is three miles straight up… I pushed DH. When the CM tells you it’s a long uphill road, you know you’re in trouble. The second time, DH pushed the chair himself, fortunately there weren’t a lot of people behind us. A few times, we’d wave them to go by. DH just fit the ride. Both times the CM had to give the back piece a little push to latch.

We had a amazing safari ride. Lots of animals close to the truck.

Epcot…we had tickets for the DVC moonlight magic. We had gone to MK that morning, and back to the room for 4 or 5 hours. Headed to Epcot about 7. Took forever to get on monorail. Got to Epcot about 8. Did double time to American Pavilion to catch Christmas processional. We missed the first couple of songs, but we heard most of it from outside the ropes.
Hung around the area and watch the fire works from there. It’s now 9:45, slowly walked toward Norway. Checked out the trains at Germany. They had 4 trains running. I don’t remember ever having 4 trains. It’s now 10 oclock, start time for DVC thing. Get to Norway, about million people waiting in line for ride. I didn’t take any pictures, but it was mind boggling how long the line was. We didn’t wait

DVC was giving out Mickey bars, but we couldn’t find the carts. We saw people with bars, but no cart. Finally we saw a cart with a line of about 50 people. We moved on.

We decided to try soaring. Got to the soaring, sign said 25 mins but the queue was filled all the way to the entrance. We got in line, 2 mins later people start coming toward us. The ride broke down.

We went to get a hot dog, that was the easy part. Finding a spot to sit, not so easy. But we did. I’ve never bought a hot dog at disney world. Based on those hot dogs, I’ll never buy one. They were ok, but tasted like a school lunch room boiled hot dog.

We went on the boat ride, just because we were there. Went back to soaring, ride was working but wait time was 60 mins. It was now about 11. we left the land and was still on a search for mickey bars. Decided to walk toward Nemo and we found a cart. Had a mickey bar and then headed toward world showcase for the fireworks. Got there with a few mins to spare. We did enjoy the fire works. Afterwards, we started to head out. We grabbed a second mickey bar. Headed for the bus (monorail was shut down by now) and was back in room by 1 am.

In hindsight, I wouldn’t have stayed. The fireworks were good, but we basically went on one ride, had two mickey bars and a hot dog. I had thought we’d have a chance to do frozen and soaring several times over, get a few character pictures and watch the dancing fountain. There was a dance party at the fountain so it never danced. The lines for character all seemed long. Maybe I was being unrealistic but hearing stories of the other DVC parties, I was so disappointed.

Friday was our one and only rope drop day. It was extra magic hour at Mk at 7 am. It was a good day for rides. We did pp.winnie.tea cup. Buzz (3 times), webway, COP, little mermaid , mickey philamagic, haunted, thunder and splash. Between rides, we stopped for a sweet roll from Gaston’s and had nachos from Pecos Bill. By now it was about 3, we were ready to go back.

Saturday we had an ADR at Crystal Palace, but we had cancelled the night before. They were calling for rain and cold temps and we didn’t want to eat while wet. High that day was about 58 degrees. I had brought a longer coat, hat, gloves and hand warmers. We wore long sleeve shirt and a sweat shirt along with a jacket, so we were good. We went to DHS about noon or so, hit a few rides, rode boat up to Epcot and found a spot outside the ropes to listen to the Christmas processional again. We parked the wheelchair right by an entrance where the choir march in.

I left DH with just a few people around. Went to get hot cocoa at the CS. It was pretty busy. I placed my order, there were three people ahead waiting for their food. I notice hot cups sitting on counter already…after waiting at least 5 mins perhaps 10, the CM grabs two cups and says here’s your cocoa. I said could I have fresh cups, those have been sitting on the counter for a while. She then walked away and threw them in the trash. Hmmm a nano second before they were good enough for me, but now there are trash…what does that say?

So back to DH…where is he , where is he…there is now a big crowd of people. I get to DH and I’m sure the people behind him were a tad disappointed that I showed up. They probably thought wow we can see great with the guy in the wheelchair. But I stood next to DH the whole time. Good show, better spot than the show earlier in the week. After the show we waited a bit before trying to leave. It was hard trying to move and not hit anyone with the wheelchair. As we went by Canada, they had a show running, so we stop to listen to the music. Finally got on soaring and with great seats. And then stopped by the dancing fountain for about 30 mins to watch and listen to the Christmas carols.

Left Epcot about 8 pm. Just in time to see the fireworks from the jingle jam Christmas thing at DHS from the monorail platform. Got back to the room just before 9 pm.

Now we had this weird housekeeping thing with DVC. We were there for 9 nights, so we should have had a full cleaning and a trash and towel day. We opted just to do two trash and towels days. First day, trash was taken , towels, toiletries and coffee supplies were replaced. But no paper plates, bowls or plastic ware. Ok there were a couple of each left and it’s not like we are cooking full meals in the room. Next trash and towel day Trash was taken and towels were replaced and that’s it. No toiletries, no coffee, no paper plates etc. I called housekeeping. The CM said “oh my gosh, I’ll send some up right away” 45 mins later there is a knock. Housekeeping with a bag of stuff. I dump out the bag on the bed. Tissues, toilet paper, paper towels,coffee, creamer/sugar packs, and double toiletries…but no paper plates , bowls or plastic ware. How can housekeeping come to our room three times and not bring any paper plates??? At 10 pm, I wasn’t going to call again. The next morning we ate quiche with our fingers. And of course I tipped each and every time. Next time,perhaps I should save the tip and buy a pack of plates instead.

So Sunday morning, we finished packing, called bell services, returned the wheelchair (minus the lights) and boarded the ME bus. Flew home to snow.

It’s funny, we have been to disney bunches of times and yet it seems like there isn’t enough time to do all we wanted.

And I can’t end this TR without mentioning our DD who was our FP coordinator. We had FP st MK and the night before we’d say cancel MK , try to get this and that at Epcot starting at noon. The only FP she could n’t get for us was for the Navi river ride, but she had a school concert to go to. Sometime being a mom supersedes being a FP hunter.


Love the trip report! Great idea about the lights on the wheelchair. I’m gonna look into that for my annual Me, Mom and Sister trip (although Mom is saying she’s not going this year. Getting to be too much, but we will see if she changes her mind).
I have to ask if you liked those travel dates. We haven’t gone with our now adult boys in a long time and I told them I’m booking a larger room next year and hope they can come. The week you went is what I’m thinking I will book. What are your thoughts as far as crowds, restaurant busyness, etc.


It always seems busy to us at disney. We usually go the first week after Thanksgiving but because Thanksgiving was so early this yr we waited with us having a Dec use year (DVC).

We only did two meals at Trails end, so that’s not a real test for crowds.

I did the lights for fun, but really there are a few queues that are so dark, I can’t see where I’m going. I would click on one light (we had 4 strings) just thru the dark areas.