Are you a herd animal


when we are at WDW … and talking about what are we going to do next, if asked, my DH always says “I am a herd animal” … meaning …he just follows the herd.

So … are you a herd animal?


No. I am the mighty hunter, preying on the weak and confused.


Oh Nooooooo!!! Everybody tries to keep up with US!!! LOL!!! Hiya Tink!! :wub:


No way - I’m the leader, the glue, the brains, the Simba of my own personal Savanna, that holds my motley little crew of hyenas together. They use to complain about me being too bossy - but after going off on their own and realizing they didn’t accomplish half of what they’re use to, they succomb and bow to me as the mighty leader. My dh, however, is definitely a herd animal. “Whatever you like, dear”. Ahhh - it’s good to be queen.


MJ pretty much controls our plans!


You go, girl! :excl:


I’m more like a tow-truck. A kid in each hand and pulling with all I got.:wink:


Get a stroller. Then you can be a plow truck!!!


I guess it depends on my mood…but if no one steps up…I usually choose to lead :tongue:


Yeah, me too!


What I really want is a Rascal then pull the kids in a wagon behind it…hey I could put some hay in the wagon a charge $28 a ride.


Hey, I’ve got an idea! Take a stroller and then “taxi” kids around for short-sighted parents. You could pay for your entire trip that way!


If you are not the lead Dog, the view does not change.


So how many strollers can you pull at one time with a Rascal?..I’m gonna be rich.


I’m so the leader. Everyone would be lost without me. I don’t know what my brother will do in april when he goes without me!!!


I am SO the leader! DH just goes wherever I say we are going. “Yes, Dear. Whatever you want, Dear.” It’s nice to be on vacation! :wink:


I am so NOT a herd animal. My husband kinda is, so good thing I make all the Disney decisions in this house. hehe.


No way!!! I call the shots at Disney! I figure that I am the one who has studied the books, hand-drawn the maps, made the perfect PSs, booked the perfect hotels and all that other jazz, so my herd follows ME! LOL

If I could cinch them all into my back pack so I could make even better time, I would do it! CHHHAAAAAARRRRRGGGEEEE!


We are the leader of the pack. On one school trip by the end of the third day my DH and I had 12 teenagers following us around asking what to do next. And who says students refuse to be seen with their teacher in public? Ha ha.


Me leader<<<<<:biggrin: