Are you all ready?


I’m at 111 days, my ADR’s and plans are coming together…

And you all have to hear about them!

ARE YOU READY!!!???!!! :wink:


I’m ready…bring it on!

It’ll get me excited for our next trip in July!!
We’re in 2006 now, let the countdowns begin!!


Hang on…ok go!!! :smile:


Bring it on! I want to hear every single detail of your plans. :heart:


I’m ready!! I’m ready!!!


Me too! Well, we are waiting!


We’re ready!!! Come one with the info :tongue:

(I guess Buzz is giving us girls enough time to get ready…it takes us a long time sometimes) heh heh heh


Well, I ment in a few more days :laugh:

Okay well here is day one and two…

day one:
Arrive Orlando 3:00 pm
Hang out get setteled in at the BWV
6:30 ADR for Spoodles(ate here 3 years ago also)
Hanging out at the Boardwalk area till sleep time.

day two:
AM - Over to the Studios for half a day or so
BREAK at the pool
Over to Epcot for EMHpm
and our ADR @ The Garden Grill (our first time)


Days one and two look great! Can’t wait to see the rest. Don’t leave me hanging now…lol


LOL - Thats all I have right now. But working on it…
Come back to this thread in a few days.


Looks good! We LOVE Garden Grill…the characters were fantastic there.

Hurry back…I’m and ADR/plan junkie and I need a fix!


Sounds great so far, I can’t wait to hear more.


Bring it on !!!


Looks good so far Buzz! Where’s the rest!!!???


Buzz = Tease :smile:

We said we were ready. You can’t start and stop like that…someone will get hurt. :tongue:


So far, it sounds very ‘brumcg-ish’, so I heartily approve! :wink:




Day 3:
Heading to AK in the morning for a short tour, since we’ll be comming back later in the week (a few times maybe)
ADR @ Hoop De Doo !! (first time)
We’ll take our time heading over to FW, maybe stop in at the MK, or stop and check out some of the monorail resorts.

working on day 4…


Day three is perfect…can’t wait to hear the rest. :heart:


How many days is the trip? It sounds wonderfully relaxing so far.


We are going for 8 full days total.
The first day we get in late afternoon and our last day we fly out early.