Are you concerned for your safety on Disney property?


Considering the cluster of recent accidents and incidents in WDW, it’s time to ask, are you concerned for your safety in WDW.
Are you worried about a possible bus accident?
Are you worried that ride you’re on will malfunction and hurt you?
Are you worried that your property is safe, either in your car or your room?
Are you worried that you might be attacked in some way?

Thoughts? Comments?


I am no more worried about a bus accident there than I am anywhere else. Anything can happen on the road. I have been hit several times from people who weren’t paying attention to the fact that traffic had stopped etc. One time I was hit by a school bus driver (bus was full of kids) and when the police came she told them she just can’t sit there forever she was following another bus and couldn’t wait, she just had to push her way into traffic to beat the red lights! Needless to say they fixed my car. I say all that to say Disney drivers are no different from anyone else.
Now as to resort and park safety, I don’t care how much magic a place has, I trust no one! Especially around my children. I am the overprotective mom even at the greatest place on earth!


Even with all that has gone over the last several months I will still feel as safe as ever. An accident can happen anywhere and at anytime. I just plan on enjoying every second of my trip and if something happens then so be it but I will not carry unnessesary worry on my mind


Disney is just like any other place. You have to use common sense. If I traveled by myself, I don’t think I would walk from Epcot to DHS during “off” hours. The path can seem pretty empty at times.


No more, or less than anywhere else


Same here, I am as on guard at Disney as I am anywhere else, although I do think there is a tendency to be complacent due to the very nature of the surroundings.
However, strangely enough I feel far safer in the USA than I do in Great Britain.


For myself, probably foolishly, I feel safer at WDW than anyplace else. I often let the kids go off on their own when I might not otherwise. Accidents can, and obviously do, happen. WDW is not excluded from this as seen in recent occurrences. I think you need to be aware, but not overly paranoid.


I am no more concerned for my safety at WDW than any other place. Accidents happen at home and vacation, Disney is no different. I’m sure we let our guard down a little at WDW but we still use common sense in what we do. We lock our iPods, extra credit cards, and extra money in the room safe but I also understand that even that may not be enough if someone really wants that stuff. We do leave our laptop out in the room, I don’t want to work that hard to try to lock it up, if someone really wants it I guess they can have it.

As far as personal safety in the parks, we use common sense. We also only have one child so it’s easy to keep an eye on him and the older he gets the easier that becomes (I think). We are always careful in the bus load and unload area but we’ve seen people who aren’t paying a lot of attention.


I have never and I don’t think ever will be afraid of my safety on Disney property. I especially don’t fear malfunctions on rides. While I believe buses can be maybe a little bit of a different story because the people who are driving the buses while they may be capable of driving well and meeting the Disney standards for their test that doesn’t mean thats how they’ll always drive. But I am not concerned with my safety in Disney. Although with recent events it doesn’t seem it, but take it from the word of someone who worked for Walt Disney World, their number one priority IS safety! :slight_smile:



I feel safer there than most any other place.


I think there is inherit danger in walking outside. That being said, outside at Disney is no different than anywhere else… I will be vigilant with my kids-no matter where I am. I think the buses get way to close to the sidewalk when coming to a stop… therefore-I make my kids stay back when the bus comes. They have to hold our hands when we are crossing a street with any car traffic-no matter where we are. My kids are not allowed to leave our yard, or play outside without me being out there. The one time I do it-I am afraid something will happen. There are ways to be aware of your surroundings, and then there are just accidents. They both happen… I think that Disney still does an amazing job of transporting more people than some cities every single day of the year, and there are a lot less accidents. Parents still need to be aware of their kids and what they are doing.


No, not at all, not as long as DW and I use the same good judgment we have in the past.


I’m the mom that won’t let her 10 yr old go in the ladies room alone. I’m the mom that won’t let her 7 yr old ds go in the men’s room alone. I am on guard at WDW as I am anywhere else. Imo just because it is Disney, doesn’t mean someone won’t take my child. In fact I’m MORE alert I think because of the simple fact that the crowds are so enveloping at times. This comes from a mom who has a ds who tends to let his mind wander and gets separated EASILY. He has been lost at POFQ, then AK the whole group got broken up by crowds and when we met up at the Dino area we noticed we had no kid #2:eek:.

I am not worried about the bus accidents or monorail accident, etc. With 300 buses running daily it’s a wonder there aren’t MORE accidents. I am the poor person that is always getting hit by bad drivers, So if you see me in June, hop off whatever transpo I’m on. :laugh:

As for property in my room, no. I did have a Mousekeeper who liked my choice in fruit snacks and granola bars…but this was never proven so I can’t TRULY blame her/him. But they left my laptop alone and a variety of other quick steals if he/she really wanted them.


I am not more worried about safety there. I know that I never really feel safe on buses when they stop because they never leave a lot of room. I feel that the ride safety goes both ways. I have to make sure that my kids behave well on the rides.
The area is about the size of a city and the population is always changing. So thing will always be happening…good or bad. I have always enjoyed the employees and find that they are very good at trying to make people happy.


No - I believe in destiny. When it’s your time, it’s your time.


Recovering from a torn meniscus in my right knee and a (late breaking:glare:) hairline fracture of my left ankle I can do nothing but agree with you. I don’t even know what I did to cause the damage, or where.
Sadly, I think I know when, and that also tells me a general where.
November 30 or December 1, 2009.
Bet you can’t guess where I was:wink:.
I’ve certainly got a much higher chance of an accident going to Publix or Home Depot than I do once inside WDW.

I’ll have some more comments later.
Heck, it is my thread.:laugh:


Hope you get better soon, and next time- prepare for that Disney trip… Ya know, like people do for ski trips…


I just saw on another site, that there was another wreck today… it is a little ridiculous.


Those are interesting questions that I haven’t thought about. When I am on property I actually feel pretty safe but do pay close attention my valuables and don’t do anything stupid like leaving them out in the open. As far as rides I do trust that they will work just fine.


Disney has been going through an unprecedented set of accidents and outright tragedy at WDW. I am wondering how long this stretch will continue?