Are you getting concerned with Aug & Sept plans


With the tropics starting to get active with storms is anyone getting comcerned. As long as I get there I dont care what happens. We will always make the best of it. :blink: :eek: :whistling :wacko:

What are your thoughts.

It is Hurricane season. :blow:


I always worry about hurricane season, it’s eternally embedded in the ‘worry’ section of my brain. I guess that’s what happens when you live in South Florida for 12 years, having gone through Andrew and a slew of other mad storms. Anyway, it’s never in your control so ya just do what’cha can. It seems to me, not that I am pretending to be Al Roker or anything, that “late” storms have been the trend. Meaning the late September and October storms threatening the eastern coast of the US, and the Gulf of Mexico.


SHHHHHHHHHH don’t you dare say it. I have a trip coming and will have a total meltdown if I have to cancel it.


We are not going this October but I always start watching the weather at this time of the year. We were at WDW for “Wilma”. We were not in the eye of the storm but it was still a little scary having never been through one. But I will say that Disney was amazing in the way that they handled everything. I was impressed. We felt very safe, and very well informed by Disney.


Jess, we have never seen so much water in the house unitl we moved to NJ!!! Hurricane Floyd and Tropical Storm Ernesto jsut about did us in!!!


I hope I didnt jinx myself.


That’s great to hear.

How long did it take for Disney to get back to normal. What did you do during the storm.


I know, trust me. Considering I live like 50 feet from the bay that feeds into the Atlantic Ocean, I can’t find a homeowner’s insurance that will even COVER me (not to mention for an affordable amount), and my house is still on pilings because this area used to be like storm/flood central (they did finally build a huge dune). Anyone remember Donna back in 60-something, or Gloria in the 80’s? Yeah, those REALLY effected this house. :nuke:


You should be safe in Orlando area . . . I know they were hit a few years ago . . . I think '04 . . . we visited from Jersey then and there was a ton of damage, but “magically” as our driver pointed out . . . WDW was pretty much “untouched”!!

But, anyway . . . now I live in South Florida, so the threat is real . . . but last year when Wilma came through, she left us with no power for two weeks . . . so week two we packed our bags and headed to DISNEY!!! :wub:

Like WishUponAStar said . . . storms hit later . . . late Sept/Oct . . . my experience anyway! :whistling


It rolled in as we were waiting on Fantasmic to start. By 2:00 the next day Disney had opened two parks for resort guests only and brought in the busses to get us there.

We had several messages in our room through the whole thing from Disney telling us what was happening, what was going to be available to us, etc. They put Disney movies on the TV channels for us in our rooms, they had food courts open with limited menus for us to eat. They brought the characters to the resorts to entertain everyone and there were coloring pages and activities at all resorts for the children.

It was amazing how quickly they tied everything down and just as quickly they cleaned everything up. We had a Cast Member about two days before it hit ask us if we knew why it was so busy. They told us it was because Floridians go to Disney to be safe when a hurricane is on its way.


We were in WDW during Charley and i totaly agree! Very impressed with the way Disney handled everything!


I know how you feel. I live right on the water and I am paying $875 just for flood ins. But its worth it. :biggrin:

I’m on a lagoon that feeds into the Atlantic.


That is great to here. Thats why I was not the least worried about going this time of year. I think a little different I would concider it exciting. :cool:


Bite your tongue- that is the same fear my husband has and says every day!


We landed the day after it hit, one of the few flights that got permission to land that day. The airport was in much worse shape than WDW, water coming in all over, no lights, no baggage carousals, no signage, no food, very few staff and none too happy…

WDW - some foliage on the ground, AK closed for an extra day to check fencing, fountains down for a few days to clear drains but mostly up and running otherwise. We met locals that were evacuated to WDW because they had medical equipment needs and WDW has generator backup electricity available. It was truly amazing how the property weathered the storm and we were very appreciative and generous with CM’s, many of whom had problems at home, missing roofs etc. yet still smiled and arrived at work. I had to admire them and WDW for the lengths they go to.


no like Dana…we don’t talk of this kinda thing…I have just booked for Aug 08 and the Weather will be perfect.:laugh: Fingers in my ears…la la la…:laugh:


Well, when we went up just before Wilma, I put everything in the back yard in the house and garage and buttoned up the house as good as I could. We went through Wilma at the Poly and were more worried about the house than we were about WDW. And for good reason. We came home to no power and a lot of damage in our neighborhood. Luckily we just had some tree damage and torn pool screening. And we were lucky because, coming back from Orlando, we were able to pick up supplies like ice and batteries and fresh food, and flash lights and a large cooler.
Last year, just to be safe, I put everything away again, as we were going for 8 days.
If a storm comes this year, I’ll be on edge the entire time, just like during the lead up to Wilma.


Wilma, as experienced by WDW, was a baby storm. Nothing much really. But how about how cold it got afterwards?! Holy Mother Mary! I was going to buy a new hooded sweatshirt at Busch Gardens the night we were there(Thursday before), but they didn’t have them out. I had no sweats with me. Bought a sweatshirt on Monday, but the temp kept falling and I had to buy a WDW jacket.


I am sure it was a baby storm for those of you who live there everyday, for us we felt safe but having never been around a Hurricane did not know what to expect.

Now to that cold - it was freezing out and those winds! We had to buy jackets (with hoods) and gloves! :laugh:


Lets all keep our fingers crossed. :blink: