Are you ready for 4th Grade?


DW sent me this really interesting geography test. Give it a try.


Haha! Well I failed 3rd grade! I actually did a little better than I thought I would, how sad is that?


Yeah! I passed third grade… ummm on the second try though. Those Northeast states always do me in.


So did I. How embarassing.:blush:


Well see ya in 3rd grade! Wanna trade lunches? My mom packed pb & j!


I passed it by like 3 seconds… don’t ask me to tell you the capitol cities though. :ohmy:

Stupid 5th grade teacher spent more time on Canada than the US. :blink:


You have to move FAST to get that filled in! Took a couple of tries.

Went better once my 5 year old started helping. :redface:


I failed-miserably :frowning: but it was good fun trying!!!


I would have been really impressed if you had passed! Haha! I’ll bet you got Florida though, right?


I actually did well on those, I must be picking up on the geography in that region! :happy:

It’s the Mid-West that has me all confused. I get Kansas, Iowa and all those confused. They all look the same! :pinch:


O.K., O.K., I am taking the short bus. I got the central states messed up, but I at least got CA & FL right for DL & WDW!!!


LOL, It took me 3 tries to get them all right. :blush:


Me too. The midwest states always confuse me. Did someone move Colorado and not tell me? :huh: I swear it used to be farther west. :laugh:


haha, that’s so funny. Colorado was the one I kept messing up on, I thought it was farther west too. I actually passed this the first time but musst have rearranged those mid-west states three times. Finally got 'em all in order with like ONE SECOND to spare. hehe. fun!


Colorado was also hard for me to find. :laugh: :laugh:


I FAILED! LOL I only know where WDW is…LOL


Hey, then why did it say I failed when I had everything in place? I figured it was because I didn’t place everything properly the first time. :angry:

Not to say that the first time I did it I passed… because I didn’t… I just meant the first time I placed them I messed up within the round that I actually did finish it. Okay. I’m done talking now. :laugh:


I took me two tries. I would be totally hosed if it did not give me errors for not putting them in the right place.


Yeah… apparently I don’t even know where New York is…:ninja:


Well… I feel sheepish. :laugh: