Are you taking the year off


Even though my job is secure we are taking the year off from WDW. It will be the first in seven years we are not planning not go. I would not put it in stone yet. A good deal could change that.


It may sound selfish & immature but I don’t even know if I could last a year without going, or at least having a future trip booked to look forward to. :laugh: I’ve never gone more than a year without visiting WDW since I was 5 years old. :pinch: I guess growing up with an RV made it easier. Pack it up, hit the road, & in 21 hours we were parked at Fort Wilderness. I think my 12 years living in South Florida didn’t help either. :pinch:

I could survive, but it would be a little depressing; same with Daniel. Actually, I think he’d handle it worse than I.

But to answer your question, nope, we’re not skipping the year. We DID cancel a Disney cruise though 'cause I felt guilty spending cash on something like that when we have DVC points to use at no extra expense. So yeah, we’re cutting back in other ways but not skipping the year.


We are taking the year off for 2 reasons:

  1. The economy - like most people we are really tight for cash these days

  2. My DS’s age - he will be 2 in 2 weeks. He is a wildman and he isn’t old enough to understand waiting in line yet and I think it would just be a disaster. :blink:

The main reason really is my son’s age though - I would make it happen if I thought he would enjoy it, but I figure by the time he is old enough to understand it and want to go I will have saved some $$$ for the trip and we can have an amazing time. :happy:

I miss it terribly though. :crying: In the meantime I will just read all the trip reports and live vicariously through you all. :laugh:


I just couldn’t take a year off. We are lucky though since we live in Florida. We will probably do at least 5 or 6 small trips. I go crazy if I can’t go.


We are taking the year off. We did 2 trips last year so just to be on the safe side we are are not going in 2009.


We may have to take a year off but like Casey its not set in stone- our DD goes to live in France and Germany as part of her degree course so we will be jetting to Europe every few weeks, and then its our silver wedding (we would love to do a cruise) and then its Paul’s 50th in August and he would like to wake up in Las Vegas!! so where we are going to fit our beloved WDW I dont know…but I bet we will!!


I’m not exactly taking a year off in 2009 but I don’t plan on going 4 times like I did this year. I have my new dvc to use up


We’re probably taking a year off…but that’s not weird for us. Lately we’ve been going every other year. We are planning to do a HUGE HUGE HUGE (like two full weeks) trip in 2010.


OooOo, that would be AWESOME! When we cancelled the cruise I wanted to extend our June trip in WDW to 14 nights 'cause we had enough points to do that, I am out of school so the time for me is fine but Daniel only gets one week paid vacation so he’d have to take the whole second week without pay. :pinch: Can’t do that! :blink:

I can’t wait to hear your plans for that trip! I hope it all works out, so I guess no short trip this coming June, huh? :sad:


We will be taking a year off as well… the first time in
nine years :crying:
We go every October and just went last month.
The only bright spot is that my sister-in-law and I
do a quicky long weekend to see the Disney Christmas
Day parade taping so we get to sneak in a little
girl time w/out the kids and husbands!!
Still bummed though about skipping next October,
but time goes by fast and Im excited that Harry
Potter should be open @ Universal when we do go
back in 2010 :laugh:


We had originally talked about going during the holidays next year, but with the economy that way it is-money is going to be tight-very tight. But we are planning on going April of 2010 because I graduate with my 2nd degree in nursing next December of 2009 and THAT is an accomplishment! and second-my oldest DS will be at the end of 5th grade so it will be kind of a “graduation from 5th grade trip” for him as well. (Okay…:redface:so maybe it’s more for my graduation than his, but any excuses I can give my DH to go!) We plan on making it our biggest trip yet, so I think skipping next year will make it all the better. Actually, we did not go this year either so by 2010 it will have been 2 1/2 years since we went!:frown: So it will twice as good!!!:heart:


Our DD 16 just got her drivers permit. That will eat up some money this year I am sure.:laugh::laugh:


I’m sure we’ll take 2009 off as well. We’re going 12/4 and that will be our 3rd trip this year. The December trip just sort of happened. The economy is our reason as well.


We’re still going this year. We’re trying HHI for the first time and a short WDW trip in late July. We went 4 times last year so we’re cutting back from that but last year was an exception not the norm for us.


We are trying to save up for a trip in 2009…but it’s going to be hard! If I was going to be a responsible adult…we probably save the money and skip this year…but I have a feeling the kid in me is going to win out!! Time will tell…



I can’t wait to hear your plans for that trip! I hope it all works out, so I guess no short trip this coming June, huh? :sad:[/QUOTE]

We’re not sure…probably not…but who knows. Dave wants to go to grad school so if he gets in he’ll start in summer so we won’t be able to. If doesn’t (not that I am hoping he doesn’t…I hope he does but you know…) then we may go.


We are going twice this year! 28 days in June/July and 7 Days in October! (I want to do MNSSHP!!!). All i can say is the more time DH is out of the country (UK) we are better off! Hense the big trip in the summer. We have had to change where we are staying as 28days onsite would have blown the budget so we are renting a villa with a small trip to AKV for 4 days! :biggrin:, but oct is back onsite!


Wow. Hope you won’t be too lonely as it sounds you may be the only ones there.:laugh:

We/me took 4 trips between 9/07 and 9/08, so our next trip was planned to be around 12/09. Our DS and wife with be there 1/09 for his honeymoon and that is using most of our yearly points. So we need to wait for our next chunk of points come up. (I know we can borrow, but if we need to cancel we are stuck so I don’t want to do that.)


I have one more trip coming up and then it’s not so sure that we can afford to go the way we go and I cannot skimp. When I go on vacation I want it at a certain level or not at all. I am already making concessions with not staying at a deluxe resort. I won’t go below that and if that’s a tight sqeeze, I’d rather wait…:crying:


After our December trip I think we’re done for awhile, not that I want to be, but that’s just how it has to be. We have things around the house that need to be done. I’m hoping to do another trip in 2010.