ARGH! Someone needs to help me figure this out


Ok, I am planning a trip for the family next yr. I am trying to make it mid Feb on into March or April. Mainly for a few reasons…The weather is nicer, tax return should be in (woo extra $$), and we can get away without taking some kids possibly.

We are thinking Poly or POFQ. I priced Poly for $2,500ish POFQ $2,200ish. For 4 days/3 nights, non PH’s, MYW w/ DDP, not the best views but who cares. I know the price is subject to change, in fact I know it will, this is BEFORE my Fl resident discount and Disney Visa discount and any Disney price hikes.

I am trying to narrow a date down. My good plans for mid March were shot down by Easter and Walt’s b-day stuff, plus my kids state testing is mid March now. No discounts avail then.

I am trying to go during the week, no weekend if possible. I wanted it in Feb/March also because my in laws are coming down in June/July and we might do WDW then too, I’d like time to recover financially and FIL might join us on this trip if we stay at the Poly and he’d be less likely to do WDW 2x’s in less than 6 months.

So what it comes down to is what deals WDW unleashes and what dates work better. Throw some dates at me people! I’ve picked out 2 different times and got told there would be issues!

Spring Break in my area is in the beginning of April, so I’m crunched for dates here that are avail. Any ideas? :confused:

BTW…has anyone heard about any promo’s WDW might run in 2010? I know I know I have to wait like everyone else .


February is the best option I see. Try for the first week in February…I just went that time this year and it was perfect. The other dates you have up there are iffy and you could get hit with some serious crowds.


We went in the first week of February last year and it was great! I would go for Feb.

We hit a lot of dance team/cheerleading crowds, but I since you won’t be staying at a Value resort, I don’t think you’ll notice it as much as we did. (We were at ASMu and ALL of the dance teams were at Sports, ALL of the cheerleaders at Movies. We were surrounded! :eek:) The weather was absolutely awesome when we were there, and the crowds were easily manageable.


End of Feb/First week in March is Fabulous for crowds and weather- nothing crazy for both… temps in the 70’s (might be upper 50s), and the crowds are where you walk by and say, “oh, 20 minute wait- we’ll come back”…


If you are worried about crowds, then early Feb is probably best, but honestly, March was really lovely this past year, and you would be there for the Flower and Garden Festival if you went the third or fourth week in March.

If there is only a $300 difference between POFQ and the Poly, go for the Poly!


Hmm…thanks guys. Dates I thought I’d have to do are the one’s ya’ll are saying. If need be I have the time picked out in April too.

There was a HUGE price difference for us before we dropped 2 kids and a room at POFQ. The 2 babies, 2 and 1 will be home w/ g-ma. So that is saving some $$ for sure that dh feels that even if Poly is an extra $400-500.

Now to just wait til the deals are released for next yr…