Any tips on how to get this lovely character’s autograph? She is the only one we have yet to get – the lines are always sooooo long.


What about making a special ADR at a character meal where she appears? Deosn’t she appear at the Akershus Princess meal? Or no? I’ve never been.

If not you’ll just HAVE TO visit the Disneyland Resort where she has her very own restaurant in California Adventure called “Ariel’s Grotto.” She gladly takes photos, gives autographs, and is very lovely :smile:


Well, there’s the Ariel’s Grotto Meet&Greet at MK over where 20,000 Leagues used to be… but, you’re right, the lines are usually long.

I got Ariel’s autograph in DCA at Ariel’s Grotto.

She does appear at Akershus… AllEarsNet says that she is occasionally there in her princess dress, but she was there when I went. I honestly thought that it was supposedly her restaurant.

I think she’s at most of the princess dining. She may be at 1900 Park Fare (just a guess).

Or, you could always run out in the middle of the parade, jump on her float, and beg for her autograph. :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: (totally KIDDING! You can do that if you’d like to get kicked out of the park…)


Ariel’s Grotto is your best bet. What we did is check the times of her autograph sessions and timed our getting in line accordingly. We had great luck this past August getting her autograph/picture. She is absolutely beautiful!!


We waited in line FOREVER on my last trip to meet her and then it just seemed awkward since we were three adults and she was basically half dressed.

Our Ariel picture is by far the funniest of the trip just for our uncomfortable looks. Ha. We had such a good time meeting all the furry characters but meeting the face characters was a little odd for us (except for Cinderella’s stepsisters and stepmother who were hilarious!)


Where did you meet the stepsisters and stepmother???


You can meet them at the Pirate & Princess Party (specifically when it’s NOT raining) unfortunately, I’ve noticed on two occassions now that A LOT of those character opportunities get canned if it’s raining.


I read recently that if you wait to see he at Ariel’s Grotto that you may be fortunate enough to see Prince Eric too.


At the P&P, they were behind the Castle on a little patio, sort of over by Tink’s Treasures. They were having a fight… the CMs were really into character, and it was terrific.


A great reason to book another trip! Wish, are you secretly working for Disney Travel? LOL!!!


We have met her at the Storybook Breakfast at Akershaus, but she is not in her mermaid wear–she’s in her beautiful princess gown.