Around the World on a Segway Question


I have booked an Around the World on a Segway tour and I am very excited, but I do have a question I hope someone can answer… do I have to wear completely closed shoes like sneakers or can I wear Keen’s that have both a closed toe and heel? like these… thanks in advance


I’d wear regular running shoes or cross training shoes.
The example you show should be OK though. That’s more of a trail shoe than it is a sandal.
Your feet are an important part of controlling the Segway so you will benefit from something with a padded insole.


I am agreeing with what Soundgod says. Thinking back to when we did this, I couldn’t imagine doing this in anything but tennis shoes. But then again, I can’t imagine walking around the parks in anything but tennis shoes. The people who walk around in high heels just blow my mind. :wacko: