Around the World On a Segway Tour


Has anyone done the Around the World on a Segway Tour at Epcot??

Since it’s Dave’s birthday celebration while we are in Florida I wanted to do something fun and different and I was reading about this on and it looks like SOOO much fun! (If you’re out of the loop like I was until three seconds ago, it’s a two hour tour in Epcot, hour one is introducing you to Segway and how to work it and hour two is a guided tour of World Showcase before the WS part opens). It sounds like a blast and something Dave would LOVE to do, but it’s $95.00 a person so I wanted to REALLY get the heads up on it. I have a Disney Visa and it looks like there is a discount for using that but I am not sure how much “discount” there is.


Never done it myself, but I’ve seen the tours, and everyone always looks like they are having fun!! There is always a lot of laughter! :laugh:


ahhh that is something I REALLY regret not doing while I was down there.
I’ve heard nothing but positive about it, it looks like SO much fun!
do it do it do it!


Nope, but I have seen them in action. We have gotten to Epcot early on occasion and saw a train of them whizzing past. Looks like a lot of fun!


We did a Segway tour of Austin, Texas, last year and it was one of the single most fun things our family has ever done! It is so easy and so fun yo ujust smile the whole time!


I’ve never done the EPCOT Segway tour but when we did the “UnDiscovered Future World” tour I left wishing we would have chosen the Segway one. It looks fun & I’ve only heard good things about it.


We did the short intro at "Segway Central” in INNOVENTIONS West last year. It was awesome and truly amazing how easy it is. My DH was honest in reporting his weight just over the limit and so didn’t join us, even though clearly “that other guy” hadn’t seen 250 in a long while. We all need goals to help control our health and weight and this was his turning point. We’re hitting the gym, he even eats whole wheat now (and likes it:laugh: )… the reward will be the Around the World Segway Tour in September.

Reminder to self - tell the boys to start saving if they want to join us.


No we have never done it either but have seen people doing it and they look like they enjoy it enormously- I would say do it.


I’ve done it twice now Bella. It was one of the most fun things I’ve done in WDW. In fact, we liked it so much we did it in Bermuda too!

And there are discounts: AP and AAA. There may be others.


Never done it but it sounds like so much fun! Id love to give it a go! Whats the age restriction because I think my brother would love to do this!


Bella, We did it for my 40th last year. We had a great time! Make sure you get the first one in the morning so when you get to go around the WS nobody is around and the guide takes his/her time!!


Must be 16, and signature of a parent or legal guardian is required for participants under 18.

Thanks for the hint Twins1023!


Thats a good tip!! I am not sure though…7:45 is awfully early in the morning!:laugh: :laugh:

How many days in advance are you allowed to book a tour?


Oh! And I am so glad I am hearing good things about the tour too!! I know he will LOVE this so I think I am going to (try) and keep it a surprise until we get there.


Bella, that sounds like so much fun. I’ve always wanted to try a Segway. DH is so accident prone, though. He’d probably end up in the middle of the lagoon.:pinch:


:laugh: I’m the accident prone one in my family…so I am hopping they take real good care of you while your learning how to work that thingy! Or else it’ll be swim city for me.


I’m sure you’ll be fine. No one can be as bad as my DH. He’s already wrecked both the cars this winter. :huh:


Been there, done it, would do it again. My brother, DH and I did it a few years ago. If things have not changed you start inside learning how to do it for about an hour then you go outside. It is not hard but it is a different feeling like walking or running without moving your body if that makes any sense. People will show up in the world so you have to pay attention to them. It really is fun to do and we got a special pin afterwards.


The thing that’s hard to imagine is they don’t tip over! They stay upright. Pretty hard to go into the lake unless you aim for it. But I did see someone fall off it: she ran it into a wall!! :laugh: She mostly staggered off it though and didn’t fall. The guide in Bermuda kept emphasizing that all you have to do is step off it.


We did the Epcot Segway tour in September and enjoyed it.
I touched on the tour in my trip report from last September.
Also, I’m pretty sure there was a thread about this tour a few months back.
Most people enjoy the tour.