So this summer I was planning on staying in the Polynesian for a week and a half with my aunt. So last week she went to the doctor and they found a cyst the size of a softball on her ovary and she has to get it surgically removed so it doesn’t form into cancer. :frown:

She won’t be able to walk long distances or endure heavy physical activity, so my plans are changing dramatically, though I don’t know how exactly.
Just hoping for the best.


I’m so sorry to hear about your aunt. I hope things work out for the best and that she stays healthy! Thats the most important thing.


Best wishes to your aunt. She must be double dissappointed…that stinks!


So sorry to hear about your aunt. Hope she is up and about and healthy real quick.


Jess, prayers ascending for you and your Aunt! The good news is that if they get it now, it won’t become something worse later. You’ll both be in my thoughts.


Well I sure hope everything turns out ok with your Aunt. Just pray for her to recover fully, that way y’all can have many more WDW trips in the years to come…


Sorry to hear about the kink in your plans, especially since it involves your aunts health! :sad: I’ll keep her in my thoughts and I wish her a speedy recovery!


Awe, that stinks. I hope she recovers quickly. If she still wants to go and just can’t walk and all that you could always rent a wheel chair at WDW. She may still want to go.


Thanks for all your support… and what I thought of doing was buying the tickets in the Disney store and we could always return them if she doesn’t feel up to doing parks.


Yep, I think that’s a great idea!


Sorry about your aunt - I hope she has a swift recovery and feels well as soon as possible.


Best wishes to your aunt. :wub:


Aww Jess, that’s terrible. I hope your aunt is going to be okay! Things WILL work out! I’m praying for you! :flowers:


Sending you TONS of Pixie Dust. Hope your Aunt is OK.


Hey Jess. WDW will always be there, we will not. I hope your Aunt recovers quickly.

Then I hope your plan reforms/regroups and you get to the mouse house and have a blast.


I am so sorry to hear about your aunt. She will be in my thoughts and prayers. I hope all goes well for her, and the two of you will be able to hit the parks sooner than you think. Depending on when her surgery is, and if she is feeling up to it, she could rent one of the ECV’s from one of teh outside companies for the length of the trip. That would be alot cheaper than renting one from Disney every day. I can’t remember, but there are a couple of companies that do that in Orlando. Then, she would not have to walk and could enjoy being in the parks with you. Just a thought. Keep us posted.


Pixie dust that your aunt’s surgery goes well and she makes a full recovery,


Jess - sorry to hear about your aunt. It’s great that they caught it in time.

When is her surgery? WHen is your trip? And how old is she? These are all factors that could play into how she might feel. If the surgery is soon and the trip is still several months away and she is fairly young, she may be well on the road to recovery. They also do a lot of things with scopes now (forget the term) that result in smaller incisions and quicker healing (had one myself 7 years ago).

For now just focus on her recovery, and then maybe plan a scaled back trip. Doing the parks in a scooter may be an option. It will probably take longer, but you’ll still love it.


Hope your aunt will recover quickly. Like other people said,you should look into renting a scooter from one of the firms around Orlando who do that sort of thing.


E&B’sMom is right. There are so many things that factor into surgery nowadays. It’s much less invasive than it use to be. Let’s get your aunt up and recovered and then start your WDW plans. Think how much more fun it’ll be with surgery and worry behind her. :heart: