Arrival Day Question - Parking


Excuse me for my ignorance… :laugh:

We are going to arrive at WDW around 7:00 AM, but don’t check into the GF until 3:00 PM.

We have an ADR that morning at CP in MK.

Do we need to park at TTC when we first arrive, or is it possible to go ahead and park at the GF?



I would think you could park at GF? After all, you do have GF hotel reservations for that day and will be allocated a parking permit in a few hours after you’ve arrived. I know we’ve arrived at POR well before check in and have just said at security that we are checking in.


I think you should be able to park at GF. Just go in and do an early check-in to get your parking permit.


Are you allowed to early check-in at 7:00 in the morning?


I think so…call and check so you can have a set plan. You probably won’t have your room assigned, but you should be able to check in and get your parking permit. We did an early check-in this past March (10am) expecting the same, but our room was actually ready!


Once during one of the bad hurricanes, we actually checked in about 4 in the morning- if the rooms available and ready they sort of turn a blind eye to the time (they did that night anyway) so yes, you can check in but you may still have to wait until 3 for the room to be ready and available. AS you can imagine, us internationals arrive at all hours!:happy:


We have checked in in the morning several times. Sometime the room is ready & sometimes not. Last time I checked in online and told them we would arrive at 8am. We arrived about 10:30 and we were able to get our room.


Go straight to your resort and check in, no matter how early you are. Even if you don’t check in, go there and park. The reort gatehouse will have info on you and should either have a preprinted parking pass for you or they can print one right there (I don’t know what hardware they’ve got).
You are expected and will be welcomed.


I’ve checked in as early as 7:30am with no problems.


we’ve never had a problem with early arrival. Give your name (and photo ID), they will check the list of folk checking in that day, if you have reservation you’re in.


Like the otherssaid, park at the GF, drop your bags if the room is not ready, and park hop to your hearts content.


Absolutely you’re allowed to check in at 7 a.m. We’ve done it often. If the planets are aligned correctly you might even get your room. If not, dump the luggage and off you go!


Thanks guys! This makes things a lot easier! :happy:


You’ll love GF! Just remember it’s a hike to self-parking, give yourself plenty of time to reach your ADR.
Have a great time!


They will let you check in, though your room is probably not ready. But leave your bags at Bell Services when you arrive at the GF parking lot that morning. I bet they will even have the bags in your room by the time you get home from the parks!