Arriving at MCO on your cruising day?


We’re thinking about booking a June 2010 Disney Cruise, the special 5-night itinerary w/Key West included. We’re still so bummed that we cancelled the cruise we were SUPPOSED to go on next month.

I just have a question. If you were arranging your own air transportation what time would you want to arrive at MCO on the day of your cruise? I’ve looked through ALL the FAQ’s on the cruise site & can’t find anything. All I can find is what time you board the boat, which is 4pm.

We’d be using Disney transportation to get to the ship.

Any thoughts?


I would take one of the early flights!

I think it’s better you wait around for the ride to the ship, then be worried about missing the boat.


The earliest flight out of Newark is always like 7am, which would have us arriving at MCO between 9:45-10am.

Is that good?


[QUOTE=WishUponAStar;964388]The earliest flight out of Newark is always like 7am, which would have us arriving at MCO between 9:45-10am.

Is that good?[/QUOTE]

Sure! I guess that is kinda early, but seriously if you don’t book it early, you KNOW you will be delayed . . . and I’ve been delayed at Newark 6-10 hours before! :pinch:

I know if you book with the cruise ship, they will “hold” the boat for you if the airline is delayed! At least that is how some do it. I’ve heard of people missing the boat and then having to fly ahead to the first stop (at their own expense) and I don’t think you want that!

So exciting . . . I would love to go on a Disney Cruise! :happy:


I would do as early as poss. Its better to be early than late and have a chance of missing the boat leave. I would assume by the time you get off the flight, get your bags, get to the place to catch the bus is 30 to 45 min and then 1 to 2 hours to get to port?


Wasn’t thinking about the port . . . altho are you flying into Daytona? Isn’t that closer to the port?


I’ve done crusies both ways. Latest arrived MCO at 12:00 and using Quicksilver, going straight to the ship. When I booked the other day, I was told that the last transfer was 1:30 which would get you there about 2:30. They will wait to the transfer but not private transportation.

Supposed to be onboard by 3:00. Life boat drill is about 4:00 at your muster station.

I’d be worried about anything but direct flights. More chances for late plane or baggage transfer problems. After our problem last year getting to Seattle for Alaska cruise, DW is insisting on going down evening before for our Sept cruise on the Magic.

HIGHLY recommend travel insurance. Waste of money if you don’t need it, but when they told me last year that I couldn’t get into Seatle until AFTER the ship was schuduled to leave, I became a lifelong believer, at least for crui$e$. :laugh:


On our last cruise we did the 7 am from Newark and didn’t have any problems. On the cruise coming up we are coming in a few days before. Have fun planning your cruise!


I would fly in the day before if it were me. Like others said if you have any trouble or delays you will be out of luck if you miss the boat. That’s too much stress for me!

I use the day before as an extra reason to visit a park.


The earlier the better.It takes about 3 hours from the time the plane lands till the time you get to port.When we went they start to let you board around 11:00Am not sure if they still do this(you are not allowed to your stateroom untill after 1pm.)But you can get lunch and explore the ship.Would suggest going down the day before we felt rushed to get there before the ship left and the munster drill.Also worn out from getting up early and travelling a wasted day so to speak.


If I had to fly to get on a cruise, I would always fly in a day earlier. Better safe than sorry. Plus, you can spend the day at a park!!

Also, the cruise line will not hold the ship for you. They will assist you into getting to the cruise, but cannot hold up the cruise for you.


See, the problem is, I would NORMALLY fly into WDW & do like 3 nights before the cruise BUT the dates of this special 5 night cruise w/ Key West is REALLY messing me up! Remember I am a teacher so the ONLY option we have is the cruise that departs on June 22nd. I already know there is a possibility I may have to miss the last couple days of school for the June 22nd one. :pinch:

The other dates for this cruise are in July & I work summer school. So I think our ONLY option may be flying in the morning of the cruise & then doing 3 nights in WDW AFTER the cruise. I don’t know what to do. :pinch:


Can you fly in the night before and stay at a hotel near the port? That way you are for sure there on time?

That is what i did when we went on our cruise last December.


[QUOTE=bransworld;964520]Can you fly in the night before and stay at a hotel near the port? That way you are for sure there on time?

That is what i did when we went on our cruise last December.[/QUOTE]

I wonder how cheap/expensive the hotel is in the Orlando airport?


If at all possible, go the night before or be prepared if your flight is delayed. We are flying in the day before and then driving over to the port to stay at a hotel there. We can board the ship at noon since we’ve cruised Disney before so we will have a relaxing breakfast and then drive over for boarding. I’m using frequent traveler points for one of the hotels so the cost is zero (0). Any chance you have something like that? Credit card points? Hotel points?


I really don’t want to pay for a rental car to drive to a hotel just to stay the night before. I don’t know, I am going to have to think about this one.

If worse came to worse we could probably flight the NIGHT before, like after work & stay at the hotel in the orlando airport.



And the have a shuttle from the airport!

Radisson Resort at the Port: Canaveral Hotel in Cape Canaveral with Shuttle

PS. Dates for this June, there is a room for $99 . . . a deal!!


Everything I have ever read about that very subject said to get there the afternoon before and stay at a hotel close to port. That would make sense.


The family I work for are going on a cruise this saturday! They are leaving Friday morning, taking ME to AKL (Kadani Village) and then eating a late lunch/early dinner at DTD and seeing Cirque!!! Then they are going back to AKL for a swim and night vision goggles. Next morning breakfast at Boma and then DCL bus will take them to port at noon.


I HAVE TO WORK!!! :laugh: I don’t think anyone is hearing me. :laugh:

The closest thing I could do would be to flight in LATE the night before. But then there’s the logistics of getting to a hotel at 11pm-ish the night before the cruise.