I have waited, literally, for months for the winter Discount Codes to come out so I could book a 10 day trip to Fort Wilderness. Finally, they do…only after checking Mickey says the codes don’t apply to FW.

So now, we’re looking at using the code at PC, but it means a shorter trip that’s still over budget. I know I could shorten the trip even further to make it affordable, but I just can’t justify a 4 day round trip drive with toddlers for only a handful of days at WDW (flying is not an option in our budget).

The 10 day plan was meant to allow 3 full “rest” days for the kids during the trip.

I KNOW you can’t count on codes, but I’m just frustrated that the discount codes can’t do anything for the FW trip I had already planned in detail.

No point to this post other than a frustrated rant.


I’m sorry Cavey…Rant away!


That’s Soo NOT right!! I really feel for you. We can still hope for something to make the trip more affordable. I hope for you something does work out!


Is that common, for Disney to omit FW from the discount packages?


I would maybe call and see if any other discounts apply?


Not according to Mickey.

You know, I was telling Lil’ over diner there is a downside to knowing so much about Disney. It’s possible to “ruin the magic” in the obsession to dot every i, cross every t. I bet there are lots of people who don’t even know Disney offers discount codes. They pay rack rate and enjoy themselves without a moments thought.


Cavey, is the discount necessary? Why don’t you just go ahead with your trip as planned, instead of using the discount and staying at the PC.


Cavemiester - I have a free EE pass you can use… Ummmm just let us know it’s working ok.


So sorry CJ – that really stinks!

Can you whine and beg to the CM on the phone until they find a little magic for you?


Oh, I couldn’t just take it for free. I’ll send you $50 for it.


You know, I totally agree with this. Sometimes its better to be fat,dumb and happy, isnt’ it?

I know how frustrated you are about this. Sorry. Rant away. We’re listening.



I think WDW is a tremendous value as a vacation. But that doesn’t change the fact that Lil’ & I have choosen to run a not-for-profit camp for Inner-city children. I could make more money being a shift-leader at a fast food restaurant.


No-no, I insist. If it has any glitches, bumps, wrecks I can’t be responsible. I just want to be sure it’s running smooth by June.


Really, I hate to TAKE ADVANTAGE of people. I should give you something for them.


Can you lose my ex in a cave?


As the saying goes, “There are no murders in caves, only accidents.”

Back on topic. Mickey is double checking for me on FW discounts.


wait…what discounts? How did I miss this?

Is it the one with the ticket upgrades?


yes, there is a small room discount attached to it.




It doesn’t work for me either, I am arriving on one of the 4 “blackout” dates they have for the discount. Arrrrrggggghhhhh.