Art of Animation or All Star Music Resort


Which would you choose? I don’t know Our family wants a family suite maybe in Art of Animation or All Star Music this will be for September 2014!:confused:


I would say Art of Animation. It’s a newer resort and I hear wonderful things about the food court. Also, someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe ASM is used a lot for groups, be it football, cheerleading, etc. May be louder, and may also have longer lines in food court if everyone shows at once.


Except for the 3 original buildings from the “first half of the 20th Century”, all of the rooms enter from central corridors inside the building and there is no exterior catwalk. And of course, ASM, like the rest of the values all have exterior room doors and exterior catwalks.
That’s about all that I can tell you.


thank you Our family will take the Art of Animation but I don’t know anything about the newest resort. Please tell me what is Art of Animation.:confused:


It opened in 2012. Has three sections of family suites, the themes being Cars, Finding Nemo and Lion King, and then one other section of studios in the Little Mermaid theme. I haven’t stayed there yet, but quite popular with the larger suites with families. If you are looking at the family suites, they can be quite pricey, in that you may be able to get into a moderate for a similar price. Depending on your size of family, if there are five of you, then maybe check out pricing at Port Orleans Riverside, as some of their rooms can accommodate 5.