Art of Animation or Pop Century Resort?


My family and I always have loved how whimsical and gorgeous the Pop Century resort is. We usually stay there, but wanted to try something new. Has anyone stayed at Art of Animation? I love the theme at Pop Century and and the characters, but always love to check out new resorts. Does anyone have suggestions?


There’s been a few that have stayed there, but I haven’t seen any trip reports yet. I’m staying in September.

The exterior of AoA is very reminiscent of Pop, with the larger-than-life icons and themed play areas. The pool, though rather plain looking, is the biggest at WDW.

I think the interiors look rather gawdy. If I did not have young kids, I wouldn’t consider the resort on that account. But 8yo DS LOVES Lion King.

If you’ve enjoyed Pop, I think you’ll enjoy AoA. You’re sure to get quality service and a memorable experience.


Because it just opened on May 31st, there are not that many people on here that have had the chance to stay there yet. I am staying there in August (18 - 26) and will be happy to report back. Keep in mind that there is only one section of standard room (Mermaid section) and they are booked out for the rest of this year already. If you intend to stay there next year, I would book as soon as possible. The rest of the resort is Lion King, Nemo and Cars family suites and are more than double the price of a standard room. The family suites have a master bedroom, two bathrooms and two other full sizer beds. They also have a kitchenette and the newness of the place is making it SUPER popular right now.


We too always have stayed at Pop. We’re going back in Jan. At first I was thinking of AoA Little Mermaid section but I had heard with current Free Disney Dining it’s not available there. I’m hoping for Free Dining again in Jan so I think I’ll just book at Pop again and we can always walk over to AoA to check it out, take some pictures etc.