Art of Animation Suites


So me and my dad are looking to stay in Art of Animation in July (if it’s available) and we have been looking at the prices and it seems to be more then the other value resorts because everytime we go to book it says suite.

Is the art of animation ONLY suites, or is their a smaller room we can try to book in since it is only the two of us?


I think the non-suite rooms are not opening for a while maybe sometime early next year.


the little Mermaid section is the only one with standard rooms all the others are suites and that section is suppose to open Sept. 15th now. At least that is how list it.


That is correct. The Mermaid Section (which is the only section that will have standard rooms) isn’t not available until September 15th. All the other sections (cars, nemo and lion king) are family suites only.


Dana, your picture looks delicious… :slight_smile:


Thanks! I found it on a random website.


Anyone know if the suites are going to accommodate larger families (not that it will help us on this trip)?


They sleep up to 6 people. There are three separate sleeping areas which includes a master bedroom, so parents don’t have to go to sleep when the kids do. They also have a full size sleeper sofa and a full size pull-down bed that doubles as a kitchen table. The suites are equipped with two bathrooms, two Tvs and a mini kitchenette.


I’m really excited for Art of Animation - can’t wait to check it out!


well I know that the Mrs will enjoy staying in the Little Mermaid section :stuck_out_tongue: I was hoping to stay in the Lion King Wing but oh well so much for that :stuck_out_tongue: