Art the Greeter


Saw this on FB, I’m a “Fan”! :happy:

[B][I]News from Art: He has decided to retire. According to a post on the wall, his last day at the Beach Club Resort will be Saturday, October the 17th.[/I][/B]

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This makes me so sad. Art is a one of a kind guy, he will be missed.


He will definitely be missed. He is a great guy. We always looked forward to talking with him on our trips. Too bad we don’t have a trip planned before he retires.


I’m going to miss his last day by exactly one week.
We’re scheduled for breakfast at Cape May on the 24th.
Art isn’t just a CM, he’s a permanent fixture!
Happy retirement Art.


He has been around forever and will certainly be missed. I hope WDW gives him one hck of a send off for all those years of service.:heart: Happy retirement to him.:heart:


Aww, I wish he would have decided to stick around for the holiday season but I hope he has a relaxing and amazing retirement! What a great guy!


I will miss Art. He always made our stay extra special. I love his smile!!


Hard to imagine a trip without seeing Art. The kids called him the Captain. :laugh:

A true gentleman and who always made us smile and feel at home. Hope he has a great retirement.


He once saw me holding Helena’s hand and he
said to us that that was a sign of love. He is
a fine man. Enjoy your retirment:happy:


Makes me want to take a side trip on our way to our cuise to see him on the 17th. Instead of a Quicksilver grocery stop an Art the Greeter stop?


Well, you could tell them you want to buy your groceries at the snack bar/ grocery store ( don’t remember the name) that is at BC.:whistling

We are sad. He truly is a treasure.