Article about Walt and other fun stuff


Diane Disney Miller Remembers Dad: Walt’s Secret Disneyland Apartment, His Passions & More (PHOTOS)

This is a GREAT article full of info directly from Walt’s daughter. Lots of fascinating scoop and a big photo slideshow! The article appeared this morning on the AOL welcome screen.


Oh thanks for posting, Miss D.
Just recently I watched something about Walt Disney which included anecdotes by Diane Disney. I can’t remember if this was something on youtube or the History channel :pinch: In any case, it was a really good hour of stories about Walt Disney.


Thank you for posting this. It was a nice, little article. I still love hearing Walt Disney’s voice…it takes me back to The Wonderful World of Color.

I read a few of the comments and had to laugh at some woman who said "she’d still probably enjoy Disneyland- even though she’s in her 30s!:laugh: Wonder what she would think of MB!