Article in news about Mission: Space


Here is the link from the Orlando Sentinel (I really enjoy this paper):

Thrills, chills on Mission: Space - Orlando Sentinel :


Thanks for the link, that was a great article and very informative. I know simulators are starting to make me feel a little ill. The article mentioned Back to the Future at Universal, I had to talk my wife through that one because she broke out into sweats and I even emptied a Disney shopping bag for her because I thought she was gonna hurl any second. She made it though it but we took about a 20 min break after that so she could collect herself. When I rode Wild Artic at Sea World I started to feel sick but that is a really rough ride.

Now we both had ridden simulators for years with no problems at all and we just considered this new motion sickness to getting older but now I understand why. I just hope I can overcome it because I really like riding them.


Great article. Thanks for the link. I’ve avoided this ride because I knew it would make me sick if I got on it. Hopefully the new version is mild enough. For anyone who has ridden it. Is it as rough as Star Tours? I walked away from that one not feeling well (though it passed quickly and my health has improved since then)

Sorry, don’t mean to thread-jack, just have been wondering. The article is facinating and makes some stuff I was wondering about much clearer.


This article definitely shed some light on the reasons for the different effects felt while riding M:S. Very interesting.

Quakercub: We thought the mild Green “no spin” version was very tame. No queezy light-headed stomach in the throat feeling like the Orange version. We did not think it was as rough as Star Tours, and it seemed to only last about half the timeframe. Have fun if you decide to go on it!


I get that on the StarWars ride everytime. I just don’t feel well for the rest of the day after riding it. That’s really a bummer because I love Star Wars.