Article on Cinderella Suite


Disney Insider: Main Attraction


Could you Imagine


I want to win!!! Of course that would mean I would have to be at WDW and I don’t have a countdown. sigh


I would soooooo love to win this!!!


Last time my Dad was there, and you are NOT going to believe this . . . he said if I won that I’d say “NO THANKS!!” I said WHAT?? Give it to me then if you win . . . GIVE IT TO ME!!! :ohmy: :ohmy:


Love to experience that. Every little girls dream.


Wow…what a dream come true.


How wonderful! I need to review the thread re: dreams won here. Anybody know someone who has won an overnight stay?


i think i would just cry and cry and cry if they came up to me and said i was a winner. i would probably just cry all day long, even while i was in the suite.


The bathroom is pretty amazing like the article says. The television are really cool though, designed to look like mirrors and sort of blend into the room. Imagineers and Cinderella’s decorators are amazing!


I might be to busy calling everyone that I know, and not be able to enjoy the thrill!!


Ah, if only…


Yep, this would be me as well!! :blush:


It would be amazing to stop there!! Imagin to be able to tell all your friend and family that you stopped there. And be one of a small group who have.

That would be cool!! :happy: