Article on Disney Wedding Dresses


Disney Insider: Main Attraction


Thanks for the link. I have seen some of these beautiful princess gowns before. I think Wishy posted about this a while back. So lovely!


That Jasmine dress they have on the front is sooo beautiful!


Did you see the Princess Blossom collection for little girls? GORGEOUS!!


Very cool…and oh so pretty! Can’t wait to take a better look at them! Thanks for the link:)


those models are hot. Which one are you?


Very very pretty!


I just saw this and asked DH if we could get marreid again so I could buy one they ARE A LITTTLE EXEPNSIVE he jsut looked at me and said sure.


They are beautiful!! I’m shopping around right now for my DDs Holy Communion dress and one of these would be perfect (if only they had a retailer in Austin :crying: ). I can always dream for myself…one day my prince will come!!:wub: