Article on Disneyland Summer Fun


Disney Insider: Main Attraction


well i will get in just under the gun …have reservations ad DL hotel…starting aug 22…this summertastic thiong goes through the 23rd…so all is good …will be anxious to see uprgrades to fantasmic…


I’m so anxious to see the Electrical Parade. I was uncomfortable with the thought of them changing it at all…but from what I’ve heard it’s not TOO different. I’m just dying to see it for myself! :heart:

Gosh I miss Disneyland…


Thanks for sharing the article with us! Two weeks until I go for my summer vacation, Im taking my brother too…cant wait, he has not been to Disneyland since 1998!! Which is kind of sad for having a brother who works for the Company :tongue:


Well it sounds like you are taking care of it now. Just don’t let him go another 10 years!


Haha I know right! :tongue: My next thing is to take he and my mom down to the Walt Disney Studios if I can get some guess passes for them.


Ooh that would be awesome!!


Yea! Its a fun place to go to and just roam the grounds, see where all the big executives work, roam the studio lots, the halls, the archives, eat at the comissionaries, shop in the on-site Disney Store and Employee Store, etc. Its pretty fun!


I was going to go with some CM friends right before we moved, but I ended up having to work. (I guess people still wanted to meet Pooh that day, darn it! :laugh:) I’m still jealous that I never got to go with them, they had a lot of fun!


Well then I guess thats all the more reason for you to come back to Cali and go for a trip! As long as you know a CM, they can get you a guest pass and take you onto the studios :smile:


I will definitely have to do that - hopefully sooner rather than later! Have fun taking your brother to DL! :happy:


Thanks! I cant wait! :smile: