Article on "National Treasure: Book of Secrets"


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This was another fun movie! We smiled all the way through it. I thought it was moved just as fast as the first movie, but was not as stressful, which the kids really appreciated!


I enjoyed this movie more than the first one. I just wish they would have explained some things better. Like why did finding the Gold City clear up the grandfather’s name??


Our whole family was asking this very question walking out of the theatre!


Okay, Mousebuzzers.

While I winced at the “Custer seeking Gold in the Black Hills” illustration… :pinch: Grrrrrrr. They needed something, I suppose, to tie the fact into the Mount Rushmore area… :blink: :huh:

The problem facing the Gates family is that their great grandfather’s name was in Booth’s diary. Which implied a connection with the first assassination of a U.S. President.:ohmy:

Now, we all know John Wilkes Booth shot President Lincoln. He had help, and many of the co-conspirators were hung. (since Booth was tracked down and surrounded by U.S. Cavalry inside a barn where he was killed) Also, I was disappointed about the name is Mud issue. Mud was the Doctor that set John Wilkes Booth’s leg, after he broke it leaping to the stage, and shouting out the motto of Virginia, Sic Semper Tyranus. "Thus always to Tyrants) Mudd was later exonerated… :cool:

If they could show that Gates was being asked to find the treasure, it meant that he was not part of the conspiracy to kill President Lincoln. It’s a stretch, mind you. :pirate: