Article on "Prince Caspian"


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Thanks for the site, I already got it from my email but didn’t read it until now. I absolutely love Narnia and can’t wait to see the movie for a second time! I hope they end up making them all. Does anyone know where I can find more info on what Disney intends on doing? Or are they just winging it? I’m excited to see the props on our next trip!


“Prince Caspian” took in $56,573,000 this weekend, making it number 1 at the box office. Congratulations Disney on another job well done!!!


i hope, also, that they make the rest of the books. there are only 5 left to make. i know they did PC because it’s the second book out of the seven where all 4 of the pevensie children are in it. that’s all i know about disney’s process with the narnia books.


Just saw the movie…it was great! I really hope they make more quickly…love the Chronicles!


I would be disappointed if they didn’t do them in order–with the possible exception of “A Horse and His Boy.” That one could be released last and not disrupt the continuity,