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Cute!! I loved reading the stories! :wub:


I’m such a sap!!!:crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying::crying:


Aww that’s so SWEET! I would so do that :smiley:

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wow! I would be so embarrased to do that but my g/f would never stop crying. lol!


I think I may have shared this story in the past, but it’s a great one on how my DD Leslie and DSIL Ricky got engaged.

In 2005, both of them worked as CMs at DLR (Leslie at Pirates and Ricky at Canoes). Leslie’s birthday is December 20 and on that date, she and Ricky met after their shifts to stroll through the park to celebrate her birthday. Ricky had called me earlier in the week to ask my permission to ask Leslie to marry him (granted!!!:laugh:). He had this planned with his crew at canoes for about two weeks. As he and Leslie were standing by the fence overlooking the Rivers of America, a canoe pulled up, stopped and each of the guys held up a letter that spelled out “Will You Marry Me?” As Leslie looked over to Ricky, he was on his knee holding the engagement ring. Of course, she started crying and said yes as guests (and other CM friends in on the deal) began to applaud.


Aww yeah, I read all those, and they made me want it so bad! :frown: :laugh: But I don’t think that’s gonna happen!