Article on Testing your Wonderful World of Disney Trivia


Disney Insider: Main Attraction


I only got 4 right


I got 6 correct. OF course the show premiered 20 years before I was born…:laugh:


I’m sad to say I only got 5 correct


I got 8 right. It says that I am Wonderful. Walt would be so proud of me. This is exceptional in that the show premiered in 53 and I was not born until 69, but I was born in Florida, the hub of the World.


WOW! I got 8 right! Not bad for someone who wasn’t born until '64. The quiz says “I’ve clearly got the whole World in my hands!” That was kinda fun!


Woohoo! A perfect 10! :cool:

(Would that I could get results like that when they’d actually do me some good… :pinch: :blush:)


I only got 6 right, but that was a lot of fun!


Me too! But I learned some things! :blush: