Article: Welcome to MouseBuzz 2.0


You can view the page at


Yaaaayyyyy! So glad you are back. Been missing my Mousebuzz. And, thanks Mickey for taking such good care of us, your little Mousebuzzers!


Nice job Mickey!


Thanks Mickey for all of your work! I too had a mini stroke when I couldn’t get on. I see you’re trying to give this the same lay out that seems to be standard for forms now. It’s very sleek and easy to navigate… miss the old colours though.


I am working my way through the site…trying to learn it…it will all make sense for us soon…

I too would like to see the “Mickey/Minnie” red color…it might help us adjust a bit quicker…:mickey:


its ok- we are patient, sorta! Just kidding, thanks for the update. Hope it goes well…


Very nice job Mickey it’s looking well cool


Thank you, Mickey! :redface: Sorry we panicked.


Error: When I clicked the “Post Quick Reply” button, I got a pop-up window asking if I was sure I wanted to navigate away from the page.


…that’s interesting…that hasn’t happened to me…yet…


I’m using Chrome, if that makes any difference.


Same thing happens to me, and I’m using Internet Explorer. Also, I mentioned on another thready, New Posts doesn’t match the activity to the right. There are a lot more posts showing in the activity, than what shows in New Posts. (Mickey, hope you are not feeling overwhelmed with all our comments. Just figured we’d help out with the testing :slight_smile:


Yes…I’m sure it will take a little time with some tweaks to get things right…and my comments are not ment to be “mean”…


Looks great Mickey… been about a week since I’ve been on. WOW what a difference… in a good way


I am loving it! Very clean and easy to find your way around. Keep up the good work!!


Glad to have you back, as an old BBS sysop I know what a pain upgrades can be. You have my condolences and thanks! I will join in with some of the others and ask if there is anyway to get the old colors back. There was something akin to entering the parks and seeing Mickey whenever I logged in.

Best, Harry


Question? Has anyone figured out how to make the posts go newest up top—so I don’t have to scroll down to the bottom to read the latest? I have indicated in settings Newest First but it doesn’t “take”.

Or maybe I should post this in the actual threads…sorry.


I like it so far!! Easy to read and navigate! Thanks!


I really like the new format, Mickey!! Thanks for updating us! It’s been long over-due :slight_smile: Out with old and in with the new and you all know I LOVE NEW!!


Just wondering if you are plannig to use a mobile theme for mobile devices?