Article: Welcome to MouseBuzz 2.0


Hey Mickey, are there any updates yet to come?

I’ve noticed a huge drop off in posting and I don’t think I’ve seen a new member post since the change. I’m worried my favorite site is dying.

Anything new coming to make the site easier to use?


Appreciate the work on the site but half the time I can’t even post. Most of the time I’m getting the do you want to leave this page question then it just times out.

The new posts is useless as is the recent activity. Have to look in every forum to see what’s actually being posted.

I’ve tried in both IE & Chrome.


Not a huge fan of the new site, to tell you the truth. It’s not very user friendly. On my iPhone, I could log in, but on the home computer, the sign-in window was behind a WDW ad and I only had room to enter my password, which did get me to a prompt telling me I had entered an invalid username (none). I was able to sign in then.


fyi - Still a lot of bumps in the road. I went on this morning. Went to “New Posts.” Says there weren’t any. Thought that was odd, so went to “Today’s Posts” and about eight threads I have not seen (that should have shown in New Posts).

Not complaining, just updating on what we are still seeing. Hoping things will get ironed out, and the site will start getting utilized again more actively.


Sadly, I’ve learned to never even bother with the “New Posts”…I’m afraid that most people do though…and then think no ne has posted anything.

I just bookmark my page to open on “Activity Stream”… Not very efficient but at least I see everything that has been posted…


Yeah, as soon as you look at anything - the forum, new posts, whatever - all of the “new posts” clear. Good advice with the activity stream - I’ll try that.


Nice Job Mickey! Awesome job and nice and Clean!