Artist pallette


food service at saratoga springs is still a bad work in progress,food court blended with gift shop …more lines and directions than a major construction site …and food is barely acceptable,and their flexibility is still lacking,example ,I just wanted eggs and sausage…sorry not possible,I then ordered a cheese omlette with NO cheese ,guess what cheese …and the buzzing light system is annoying …too much work …but the good news is the paddock area pool food plan is in full constsruction mode ,also found out that they will be open for breakfast,lunch and dinner


oh by the way… in the way of trip report,great weather ,crowds surprisingly light,and having a great time…


Have to agree with you about Artist’s Palette. I’m not sure who thought up that system - but it’s horrible. It’s always busy, always crowded, you never know where to stand while waiting for your food and the food is basically yucky. Other than grabbing a snack, we don’t bother with the place. I’d rather cook up some breakfast in the suite.

Aside from that, glad you’re having a good time!


Wonderful! When you get back hopefully you will have time to elaborate :laugh:


I think it’s better than the OKW food station…WAY better, but does need some tweaking. Operationally, it’s disfunctional and the food is lost on many guests. That being said, I LOVE the breafast pizza!


Don’t get me wrong I love saratoga springs,but for the past 5 years we have heard from people here and others we are working on fixing it,and every year we show up and absolutely nothing has been done,people have asked for a fix,they admit it needs fixing and nothing gets done,we in most cases just give up…the other day while just hanging around at about 10:am I thought I would go up and observe the operations they had in one hour 16 customers,total amount of employees 11 including 2 managers for each the food court and gift shop…tonight we ate over at wilderness lodge …checked out their amenities for guests,in my opinion way above what saratoga has to offer…now lets say you are not DVC and you are staying at SSR one or two bedroom for 500 and above would you consider their fare comaprable to an upscale hotel,just a question…onc again I love SSR,we are huge disney people,but the comments we have overheard echo some of our concerns…heres hoping the paddock project rectifies some of these issues