Artist Point, Hoop-Dee-Do, or Whispering Canyon?


Yes, as a matter of fact I DO have until June 5th to make my ADRs. Why do you ask? :blink:

Our December trip is sponsored by DS5’s grandparents, specifically for the enjoyment of DS5. We’re definitely doing Crystal Palace so he can see Pooh, and most of our touring will be for the benefit of His Young Royal Majesty.

We’re only going to do one of the following…

Should it be Artist Point, so the grown-ups get a chance for a wonderful meal? This option is based on the assumption I can get the mushroom bread salad with my Cedar Plank Salmon. :whistling

Or should it be Hoop Dee Doo… will a 5 year old find it hysterically funny, or should we save this one for a couple of years down the road? For the price, I want the kid to enjoy it!

Or should we do the “compromise” option, Whispering Canyon? From my understanding there are hijinks for the kid, and my parents will get the opportunity to at least see the beauty that is the Wilderness Lodge.

Who’s had experience with these? Extra info about HDD and WC will be appreciated, since I’ve never been to either.


we have been to Hoop-dee-do first time was when oldest [now 24 ]was five it was her Bday she loved it , each subsequent chid went when they were two to five they each loved it good food , corny jokes, kazoos what isnt there to love. we have not been to wc or artist point.[ we do not do grownup dinners] my DH is still too young. when my oldest was five we went for breakfast and dinner at that time they did a charcter breakfast[ they do not do it anymore] but we really like dinner too. we are doing it when he and i go back in september for our anniversary. .


I’ve never done the Hoop de Doo, but if it’s a delicious, more relaxed meal your looking for, Artist Point would be my choice. :wub: It’s one of my top 2 (Le Cellier is the other) restaurants in all WDW.
If you need to intertain a child tho, you might want to vote for HDD or WC. There, clear as mud. :tongue:


Artist Point for a more relaxing, romantic atmosphere but the other two for a more child friendly restaurant. I voted Hoop~dee~do…always seems to get high ratings.


I can only vouch for Whispering Canyon.

My DS loved it last year, he was 4 at the time.


But did YOU love it? And do the kids have to initiate anything or are they engaged by the servers?

But oh… I love Artist Point soooo much…


Oh yes, I loved it too. My whole family is into all that joking around kind of stuff.
And yes, the kids are usually engaged by the servers.


I’ve never done Hoop Dee Doo but we absoutely love Whispering Canyon. We always have a really good time there. We went last year and we had a real buster with us and they took care of him. Artist Point was nice, but we are more “simple” folk.


We’ve been to WC and HDDR. I much prefer the HDDR. It was good food, free beer and wine, good entertainment, free beer and wine, lots of laughs and free beer and wine.
My DS thought he wouldn’t like it, but ended up LOVING it so much it’s the only dinsing experience he’s ever asked to do again at Disney.

Personally, I think you have to be in the mood for WC. It’s fun and silly, but it does get pretty loud in there and the waits are long to get in.


We first took my son to HDD when he was 6 and he loved it. He laughed from the start of the show to the end. We’ve been back once and have it planned again for his 8th birthday. It quickly became a must do for us.


We have been to all 3 of your choices and I picked Hoop de doo. I think it will be so much fun. We didnt like WC at all so thats out for me.


WC was a lot of fun, but the food was so-so. Next trip, I hope to do Hoop-Dee-Do. Of course, next trip will be more “camping” at FW and less park hopping.


Only been to WC (not impressed), but I’d think Hoop Dee Doo would be your best bet for making sure everyone has a fun and enjoyable meal.


This isn’t an incentive for me! Beer is one of those things I just don’t get: it tastes horrible the first time you try it… so WHY do people keep trying it? :tongue:

However… did I hear the word SANGRIA? Hmmm…

I was leaning toward WC with a lot of longing glances toward Artist Point… but I think you all may be pushing me toward Hoop Dee Do.


Yeah, I’m not a beer drinker either :pinch: , but I did enjoy two glasses of Chardonnay during my visit (can’t drink red wine, so I skipped the Sangria).


It was a tough choice for me between HDD and WC. I went with WC because we do this EVERY trip. We’ve done HDD twice (and will do it again in October with my parents). If you can squeeze both in – that’s my vote! :wink:

WC is good food, lots of fun – and it’s never too much for DH and I, but we’re not easily embarrassed. My MIL (on our last trip) did not appreciate the humor so it definitely depends on your crowd. As for HDD - we’ve NEVER been blown away by the food…but the show SO makes up for it. We’re going with a party of 10 in October and I can’t wait!!


Well, my 2 cents…(which, when combined with 73 more might get you a soda and that’s about it, LOL!)

Do you have other “adult” fare planned during the trip? ANd how does His Highness feel about “adult” dining? If he’s ok with it, and the rest of the trip is seemingly built around him anyway, and g’parents would enjoy it, then it would be good. If your son would not like AP - would he like the Cub’s Den? Maybe he’d like a chance to play with peers while you and the GPs have a nice totally adult dinner at AP. My kids LOVE the kids’ clubs, and WL has a very good one. Just a thought.

If it’s fun you’re looking for, between the two options (HDDR or WCC), I would do HDDR. We love WCC - HOWEVER - you simply cannot predict whether your server will be spontaneous and fun, or simply mellow, or really rowdy, or rather tame… our first trip there we had a “rowdy”, then the next two times, very VERY tame. The kids were bummed - they wanted the “rowdy” again, LOL, and couldn’t figure out why their waiter/waitress wasn’t as “fun”. SPent their time watching other tables get razzed up, kinda like feeling left out on the playground at recess. :frowning: Yes HDDR is pricey - but at least your kid is 5. Once he’s 9, they will charge him adult fare! YIKES! My dd was 4 and her cousin was 5 when we went - they both LOVED it. The food is simple but hot and good. And the show has a broad appeal for the span of ages in your party. If you time it right, you might just be leaving FW when the fireworks start to explode from MK. Or stick around and do a campfire there.

Now frankly - given the choice between the AP or HDDR – my vote would be HDDR. I’m all about the “together” experience, especially if the GPs are treating and are doing it for the benefit of my wee one. But that’s just this gopher’s opinion… good luck!


Hdd!!! Love It!!!


For a five year old,. I would head to HDDR. It’s a blast!