Artist Point Question


I made my ADR’s yesterday… Woo Hoo I am so happy…


When I made my reservation for Artist Point the woman said “if you would like a window seat you may request it at the podium.”

Do I want a window seat? Does it matter? Is it that good of a view? What is the view?

I think thats it!

Thanks a bunch!



You can see the view of Silver Creek Falls. The view is of the stream and rock formations in the Wilderness Lodge courtyard.


We love love Artist Point and have eaten there many times. Honestly, a window seat has not been important to our dining there at all.


I don’t think it would matter either, the restaurant is great regardless :slight_smile:


Depends on how dark it is outside. But the walls on the two sides that face out are pretty much all glass, so even from the middle of the dining room, you’ll still be able to see stuff outside.


It depends on the time of day. Once the windows start reflecting the light from inside rather than out… well, it doesn’t matter where you sit.

But for the best experience, ask to sit in Po’s section! She’s just an awesome server.


I am making a note of this in my Passporter! Thanks.

Thanks everyone else also, I have never heard a review or anything regarding the “windows” so I just wanted to verify!