Artist Renderings of "The Pirate League"


Walt Disney World Resort

Transform yerself from a land lubber into a true buccaneer! Captain Jack Sparrow is looking for pirates of all ages to join the crew of the Black Pearl. Starting June 29, 2009, visit their “secret” recruiting center in the Magic Kingdom Park. Jack’s crew has pillaged the East India Trading Company’s office in Adventureland, loading it up with plundered booty to create The Pirates League, where you can get yerself a whole new identity complete with name, look and pirate portrait!

It’s a Pirate’s Life for You!

Ahoy, mateys! Begin your piratical transformation when you receive your Official Pirate Name as recorded from the leather-bound captain’s log. Next, stop by the Muster Station and leave your old self behind as the Pirate Masters perform a marauder’s makeover. Hear the ways of the scurvy sea dogs as they apply yer buccaneer beard, scars, earrings and eye patches. Or even be ye a boney pirate and wear your skeleton on yer skin!

Once you have fully transformed, enter the Secret Room where your Pirate Portrait is taken for posterity and the Pirate Masters reveal their hidden treasure.

But the fun is just beginning. With your new pirate identity and map case folder, hoist yer colors and embark on a challenge in Adventureland that will shiver yer timbers!

Choose a Package

The Pirates League offers 3 packages—“The First Mate Package,” “The Empress Package” and “The Captain’s Package”. All packages include a sword and sheath, earring and eye patch, tattoo, exclusive pirate coin necklace, map case folder, and a personalized pirate oath!

The First Mate Package at $49.95 plus tax includes:

* Bandana (reversible)
* Choice of Facial Effect look: Cursed Pirate, Captain Hook or Captain Jack
* Fake Teeth
* One (1) 5x7 picture

Empress Package at $49.95 plus tax includes:

* Bandana (reversible)
* Vibrant and Bold Makeup Makeover
* Face Gem
* Nail Polish
* One (1) 5x7 picture

Additional pirate costumes for this package are available for purchase at The Pirates League.

The Captains Package at $124.95 plus tax includes:

* Choice of pirate costume
* Choice of Facial Effect look: Cursed Pirate, Captain Hook or Captain Jack
* Fake Teeth
* Three (3) 5" x 7" pictures

Make Your Reservations

For ages 3 and up. Starting May 11, 2009, The Pirates League is accepting reservations when you call (407) WDW-CREW (939-2739). Theme park admission required. Open 7 days a week from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Join the crew—it’s a pirate’s life for you! :pirate:


Here is another picture! WOW, wonder how long it took to do?


I book this for my 10 year old DS, for our halloween party day. I hope he will like it, he doesn’t want to be a pirate for school because he thinks his friends will make fun of him, but he wants to be one when we go trick or treating so I thought that he would be fine with it a Disney! Hope I’m right!! Though once he sees this pic he might think that it is cool but they aren’t even finding out that we are going until the week before.


Forget princesses…as a kid I totally would have rather been a pirate! :laugh: I think this looks so cool.


So cool. I wish they had had this about 2 years ago. DS will think he’s too big for this now.:frown:


Yay!!! Something for boys!!!

Omg, I can’t wait to start planning Little Dave’s first trip.


[QUOTE=cinderbella;971743]Yay!!! Something for boys!!!

Omg, I can’t wait to start planning Little Dave’s first trip.[/QUOTE]

I thought of you when I was looking at this. (I swear, I’m the only one I know with little girls! :laugh:) I was like, YAY, fun for Little Dave!!! :laugh:


Sorry Mickeygirlz, I just posted something similar. I didn’t see this one.

Well, I guess we were just so excited to see something for boys.


MORE PICTURES!!! :biggrin:

Very cool: Photos: New Pirates League at the Magic Kingdom transforms guests into swashbucklers - Orlando Attractions Magazine Blog


I love that there is something for girls there too. How cute…seriously…I can’t wait to do this one day!


I know! Aren’t the pictures so cool!

I hope I can sneak in there just to take a few pictures of the place! :biggrin:

DD5 is WAY TO DIVA PRINCESS to ever do it . . . but DD9 is a huge Pirate fan so maybe I can talk her into it . . . hmmmmmm.


I stopped into the new Pirates League on Friday and I was so impressed with what I saw. The room itself is very well done with detail and decoration. All the Cast Members have new costumes which look great. I was most impressed with the cast because they stayed in character completely. Some even encouraged me to swordfight with my umbrella and another cast member. Everyone stopped working and started cheering while I was swordfighting. The room had a very rowdy vibe just like it was filled with real pirates. The choices for the pirate makeup were great. One is scary like a skull, several are different Captin Jack designs, and there is one “Empress” design which was really cool for girls. My favorite part is that when you enter the League you get to spin a large steering wheel where you receive your new Pirate name. It was really cool. I think this is one of the best new offerings WDW has come up with in recent years.


Aw that sounds SO COOL! I love that there are designs for girls…that’s awesome. :wub: Alice is a princess but she somehow loves pirates too, so it will probably be very difficult to decide whether this or BBB would be a better choice for her!


My DD5 is going to do this for her birthday in Sept. Even though she is into the princesses, she wants to do this one this year! We got an appointment on her birthday!


The BBB opened just as my DD was hitting the princess stride, perfect timing. Alas, the Pirate League is a few years late for my DS9 - when he turned 5 he was all things pirate. Grandpa even took us on a pirate adventure in his pontoon boat where we followed a map up the AuSable River and dug up buried treasure that was left by the pirate Captain Bones! By the next birthday, he really got into Star Wars and lost interest in pirates…


We are going to do this in Feb!!