Aruba, Jamica, Martinque... other CBR tips


I am trying to learn more about CBR and I need help from the experts…

I have not noticed a recent review of Martinique is this nice place to stay, if so what building do you prefer?

What is your favorite building at CBR (45, 25, 13)???

Is there a bus stop that is better or faster than another???

Any other great CBR tips…

:pirate: thanks :pirate:


My favorite locations are Aruba and Jamaica
In Aruba bldg 55 and Jamaica bldg 45. There is a bus close to the Jamaica location. These are both opposite the food court so they are a bit quieter


Thanks for the tips… keep them comming!!!


We loved Jamaica 45; very close to the bus stop and very quiet and tropical. We had a bottom floor room and the landscaping was beautiful.


We too love Jamaica 45 and Aruba. The walk to the food court is nice. You will be dropped off first on the return from the parks. Unless something has changed in the last 2 years since we stayed.


So the walk was not too long to the food court. I am looking at a CBR map, and it does look like it would be nice.


Jamaica buildings 44 and 45 are my faves. Email me if you would like a map. TaraRae82 at gmail dot com

Good luck!


Oh good grief. I totally missed your post that you were looking a map. Sorry to be such a dumm dumm. LOL


Jamica 45 seems to be the place to stay!!!


I also have to say Jamaica 45! We stayed there last year on the second floor water view and loved the location. The buses were great for drop off and you are usually the first to board but then the bus has to make it’s way around the rest of the resort. The food court is just a short walk over the bridge! And it’s a beautiful walk too!


I stayed in Trinidad North which was a ways out but with all my feasting on the DDP, I needed it!!! Plus it was quiet!!


I also stayed in Jamaica 45 and would recommend it.


Jamaica 45!!!

(Aruba is right there, too, so it would be fine. We just love the yellow of Jamaica!)

We have friends who go to WDW every year, and they love to stay in the most remote room possible. Trinidad South! They feel like it gives them the chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the parks. It’s peaceful, which they love.


Dont stay at trinidad south. We like to walk but the walk to port royal is a little much. :eek:


from your heading I thought you were about to launch into a Beach Boys tune!!!:laugh: :laugh:
I would say jamaica or Aruba for the best choice. Have a great time whatevr you decide though :happy:


I found out that we have an “upgrade” to a premium room and can only stay in Matrinique or Trinidad North. Has anybody heard of this, or stayed in either place?


They probably consider that an upgrade because they’re the closest to OPR. You could probably decline the “upgrade” and request whatever you wanted.