As anyone been at Disney during Grad Night


Make a long story short I what to go to Disney for my 40th birthday which is April 28. I went in to make all the reservation’s and notice thats it’s Grad Night on April 28 & 29. So my questions are is the Resorts packed? Is the Magic Kingdom packed? Can I still go to Pleasure ISland at night or is that full of seniors? I was hoping that because it was the week after easter that it would be one of those less crowd weeks? ANYONE I NEED HELP!!! :noo:


It’s not that bad. Depending on your age, if you can handle alot of 17 year olds +/-
(because it’s only seniors, I think) then you’ll be O.K. It’s also Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot so you can go there in the evening. Joe


Hey, Twins, the park closes early for the grads those nights. You won’t ever see them.

I went 12 years ago! (not my graduating year, for what thats worth :tongue:)

But, the SEniors are bussed in, and bussed out, all while you are in a different park/sleeping.

We were in no way, allowed anywhere NEAR Pleasure Island. Only MK.

I hope that helps.


I went to Grad Nite my senior year (waaaaay back in 01) …park closes early and opened late for the seniors so it’s not something you have to worry about since you won’t be allowed in the park at night. As for everything else, I can’t tell you. My school didn’t allow us to spend the night in Orlando so we drove up that day and drove back after the park closed. From what I’ve heard, PI is pretty crowded and I’m sure some other spots are as well.


We were there last year in April during Grad night. We jsut didn’t go to MK that night, that’s all. Actually we were at Epcot having dinner at Teppanyaki and it poured that night. We saw all those poor kids walking through Epcot, some girls in gowns, all dressed up, I guess to get the monorail over to MK and they were getting soaked. We got an early morning start the next day when I guess alot of the HS kids were still asleep from being out all night. I hope they had a great time. It didn’t affect our plans at all.


I did…

… in 1985…

Animotion was one of the featured groups


They had a special thing at PI just for us before we went to the MK…but that was WAYY back in 1994! :eek: I remember it vividly though…dancing on the revolving floor and all! :biggrin:


You are my obsession, my only obsession…


I was 7 in 1985!

I was there in 94, too, Allyson, but we didn’t get to go to PI!


I went to Grad Night in 1999…and I know that we and a lot of other schools didn’t just go for the night but for the entire weekend…expect that weekend to be crowded…also…I don’t know if they still do this, but they did back in the day, the would close off Pleasure Island the night BEFORE grad night for a Pleasure Island “Grad Night” meaning…no alcohol whatsoever…even if you are over 21…
Expect places like MGM and MK to be crowded, but AK and Epcot will probaly the least busy of the two.


DW and I will be there during Grad Night on our trip this year. I have heard it is not that bad but I am still skeptical. Keeping my fingers crossed it does not mess up our romantic getaway week without DS and DD.


Yeah…that’s what we did. I guess it was the night before. It all ran together…I guess we did the PI thing, then Universal all day, rested a few hours then did MK all night…then the long drive home…

I agree with bella…AK and Epcot shouldn’t be too bad.

FYI - We’ll be there Apr 23-30 and I’m not too concerned…



We plan on going to the MK during the day on a grad night, they getting out of there by 6 pm or so.

Think thats a good idea?


I think they close MK to the general public at 7pm on Grad nights to prepare for the special party for them that lasts all night long. Take a look at the park hours on for those particular nights.


WAAYYY back in '93, I went to my senior night at WDW. We came into the park after a certain hour and was back out before the park opened up the next day. It was a night to remember… :stuck_out_tongue:


We will be there on May 1 - 10. We are sort of counting on taking it easy on the weekend, thinking it will be busy with teens and locals for the flower show stuff. Our plan is MK during the day on friday, Ohana for a early dinner, and then onto Epcot (it’s EMH). Maybe saturday and sunday go to the parks in the during the days and have early nights so we can be ready to attack the parks on monday and tuesday (our last days).