As anyone stayed at


As anyone stated at Villas at Wilderness Lodge? If so could you tell me about it! Thanks to a DCer I am staying there for my 40th birthday celebration, just two days but I am going to DISNEY WORLD! April 2th and 3rd!


YAY! Twins, I’m so glad you found points! I’ve not stayed at VWL, but I’ve stayed at Wilderness Lodge and explored the Villas heavily. It’s gorgeous!! You will LOVE it!! Be sure to spend some time in the Iron Spike room–it’s decorated with lots of Walt’s train memorabilia.


I know Mickey has stayed there…but bali is right THEY ARE GORGEOUS!!


I haven’t but BDavis932 & Trailblazer have, maybe they’ll sign in here in a little bit and give you the details.


Yay! Congrats! I have no idea about the resort, I’m just realy excited for you! :biggrin:


We stayed on the Lodge side last year. It’s really a beautiful and peacefull area in WDW, and the Villas side looked even better.


I’ve never stayed in the villas but WL is our favorite resort, it’s so beautiful and relaxing. I could stay there and not go to a single park and still feel like I had a full vacation.


Twins, our home resort is the Villas at Wilderness Lodge. Unfortunately I have a hard time telling people about the place without sounding like a raving fanboy (which I am). Is there something specific that you are looking for?

The Villas have a slightly different theme than the Lodge, but they are very complimentary. As mentioned, the Iron Spike room is a great place to relax. The Quiet Pool is small, but secluded and relaxing. There’s a fitness club…but I’ve never been in it. The rooms are great - especially the 1-BR layout. Studios are nice, but can feel pretty small if you have 4 people in your party. It has a good location for the busses; while the dock is a little further away, it’s not a long walk… and it’s certainly pleasant.

You’re so close to the Lodge that everything else is could be summed up with the phrase “see Lodge description.”

The only remote downside is that the beverage station is in Roaring Forks in the Lodge. It’s not an overly convenient location…but I love walking around (and in) the resort so much that it doesn’t bother me at all.



Thanks everyone!! I can hardly wait!! Bruce thanks for the details. We are staying in a Studio just my hubby and I, our twin boys (age 3) are staying home with his mom and dad. It’s sounds like a wonderful place to relax and have time to think, without those tiny little words yelling “I have to go pee, I’m hungry” I wouldn’t go on! Anyways, since I’ve only stayed in the Value’s and Moderate’s. I’m taking that Roaring Forks is like a food court. Is there a bigger pool in the lodge area? Can we use it if we are staying in the Villlas? ALso can I request a building and if I can which one is better?


There is a main pool that you can use. It tends to get crowded in the afternoon but it’s pretty good sized.


The studio will be great for two. You are correct about Roaring Forks… they have sandwiches, snacks, coffee/soft drinks, etc… The 2 full service restaurants in WL are Whispering Canyon (loud, fun, all-you-care-to-eat) and Artist Point (quiet, upscale, fantastic food).

The lodge pool is very nice and fits the theme of the resort nicely. It’s not a crazy pool with a giant clown or a 40-foot slide, but it’s very nice. You can use all of the Lodge services… in fact, things like check-in, guest services, baggage, etc… are all handled by WL. You can even take advantage of the WL ‘extras’ like requesting to be a Flag Family. I hope DisneyTeacher doesn’t mind, but here is her description of the Flag Family experience:

Today we are the Flag Family… We received a letter yesterday with directions for this morning; we are to meet Stan at 8:15 in the lobby by guest services. We arrive early and are greeted by a very nice gentleman who introduces himself and hands a flag to each of us. We go to the 7th floor and walk by the concierge breakfast table, looks good. We head up to the roof via a very high staircase.

As we walk out on to the roof I notice that the day is slightly overcast but still bright, perfect for pictures. The view from the roof is amazing, we can see Spaceship Earth, Space Mountain, all the near by resorts and most importantly Cinderella Castle. Stan had given the honor of raising the American flag to my DS, after a few pictures the flag is raised. We then stand back and say the Pledge of Allegiance. I say this 180 times a year, every morning as I start my day at school, but I have not been so moved by it in a long time, not since the weeks following 9/11. I hide my tears as turn to take another picture.

It’s now my turn, I get to raise the Disney flag (My DMIL was originally handed this flag but immediately handed it to me after learning what flag she had been given.) I have so many thoughts going through my mind; I can’t believe I am here, happy and healthy with my family. I also think of the man who made all of this happiness possible, Walt Disney. What an incredible man he must have been, he had a vision and followed his dream of creating a place for families to enjoy together. We raise the rest of the flags one by one, there are 5 flags and 5 of us, it couldn’t have worked out better.

We take a few minutes to enjoy the moment and the view before heading down stairs. As we walk down Stan pauses every so often to describe what we are looking at and share his knowledge with us. I can tell he truly loves the lodge by listening to him talk about it. We are back in the lobby and our job is finished too soon. We thank Stan and say our goodbyes.

If you stay at WL and have the opportunity to be a flag family don’t pass it up, this was a truly amazing experience.

There is only one building for the Villas. IIRC, the North part of the villas are closer to the Lodge - which means it’s closer to the busses, dock, and pool as well. The south part of the villas is the largest part, however, and is very long.



The villias are one of my favorite resorts to stay in. It was very convenient to get to the bus, etc. The food at Whispering Canyon is excellent. We have ate at the restaurant a couple of times. It is great to just walk around the lodge and see the trains, pool, geyser behind the pool that goes off every hour. We were the Flag Family in June of 2003. What a thrill, as the view from the roof was beyond words. Also in the evening the electric parade on the water is only a few steps from the pool.