AS Sports? Opinions?


Ok…changed my “Fab Five” ressies from POP Century to AS Sports due to the AP Discount.
I want to hear good & bad feedback on Sports, please!


Sports is the first stop on the bus route, which is good. They have two pools. Laundry facilities at both pools. A decent food court. We have stayed at all of the all sports except pop century and music was probably the best food court. I personally like the themeing of the other two better because I am not a big sports fan.


Overall, ASSports is your basic resort. We have 3 boys so they always love the theme of the resort. They do have a large astroturf field with some “X” and “O” on it but there is plenty of space to throw around a ball. If you have young boys, I suggest you bring a Nerf football.


We had our senior trip at Sports in 1997…it was definately interesting…lots to do. At the time there were cheerleaders from all over staying there for a competition. We were very enterntained by them in the field on our down time!


We are going to WDW in Dec. and staying at PC, but if I was only able to get the discount for sports, I would have and not worried to much about it, PC is a nice resort,but how much time will you be at the resort anyway. And look at all of the money you saved.