Ask Me About Everest!


Man! Whole lotta threads showing up left and right for EE! So why not one more?

Today was a Cast Member Preview Day for Expedition Everest, and I rode it not once, not twice, but three times! My fiance rode it 8 times today!!!

I intended for my last thread to be a review, but so many responses are questions about the ride, and I’ve been getting a LOT of PMs about the ride. So this thread is your chance to ask me about the ride. Now that I’ve ridden it several times I feel I can best answer any question you may have about the ride that the website can’t answer. But be warned: there are more surprises that have been added to that attraction since I rode, and I still WILL NOT publicly spoil some surprises that do happen. So if you’ve a question that you are dying to answer but I plead the 5th for a response, PM me and I will answer your question without ruining any other surprises. Sound good? Great! Ask away!

To start off, some updates to my last thread:

  1. The queue line is a lot longer than I originally thought. They opened up a new line for walking through. Now, aside from the temple, you tour a “Yeti Museum” with actual artifacts concerning the Yeti. It can be a much longer wait than I originally posted, but it’s all air conditioned, there are MANY interesting and REAL things about the Yeti to look at, and up to 4 trains can go simultaneously, so you’ll still move at a good pace.

  2. There’s a footprint from the Yeti at the front of the attraction that will measure you. If you’re taller than the footprint (44") you can ride!

Now it’s ya’lls turn!


Is the majority of the ride “inside” or “outside?” Will this effect the ride during inclement weather?


Any chance by some miracle I can ride it between Jan 21st and Jan 28th? I’m not a CM, AP holder, DVC member or FL resident.

When you exit the ride, do you exit into a gift shop? Is there a baby swap available?


Excellent question. Most of the ride is inside, but alas, inclimate weather probably will have an effect on the ride. Case in point, at last Saturday’s filming we had quite a cold spell. There was actually ice on the tracks. It delayed the filming for several hours. So I’m sure that weather can effect the ride.

But hey, on a lighter note: I timed the ride today, and we came to an impressive 3 minutes 7 seconds!!! And the latest special effects they put on the attraction were superb!!! Never seen such technology on a coaster!!!


Are you taller than the footprint (44") or did they just hook you up and let you on because you’re a CM? :laugh:


Hey, there’s always hope for a soft opening during one of those days.

Yes, and if not mistaken, yes! The gift shop kicks MUCH YETI BOOTY!!! That’s why you see a lot of EE stuff on Ebay lately! And I believe you can swap at the train station!


Hey, the Yeti’s huge but he’s not THAT huge :laugh:


OK, THAT was a cruel tease if I’ve ever read one. haha.

Umm, ok. I can ask a zillion more, you’ll be sorry for the invitation. :angel:

Is there a pre-show, or what’s the pre-ride staging area like? OK, in other words, what do you do before actually getting on the “train,” besides standing in line and enjoying the museum-esque theming?


I’m curious it sounds as though EE is running pretty regularly. Why is the hard opening pushed back so late?


Is it scary (not ride scary, but effects scary)?

Is there a soundtrack to the ride (for atmosphere)?

Is there a new restaurant or snack area there (or coming soon)?

Is there much to look at before you ascend the mountain (animatronics, scenery, etc…)?


Ok…I had to poke fun at ya cause I’m so jealous… But I have a real question now… :biggrin:

Now this is a real question, so don’t laugh. Does the Yeti look like the Wampa from The Empire Strikes Back? Cause that’s how I imagine him…


Actually, you pretty much hit it on the head. It reminds of the safari queue line, but with a lot more interesting details. It really does look and feel like a Tibetan village. And the Yeti artifacts? Unbelievable that they actually exists.

Well Cavey from my understanding it keeps getting pushed closer and closer as of late. They finished the attraction in record time. Now I understand there could be a possible late March opening in time for Spring Break! But you also have to keep in mind there must be so many hundreds of hours of testing before actually letting guests ride. We CMs are taken care of in the event something goes wrong, but bottom line it’s a safety issue.

Some of the effects may be intense for younger kids. I.E. it’s VERY LOUD at places, but I wouldn’t say “Dinosaur intense,” so it’s more kid friendly. However that Yeti does give all the Dinosaurs in that ride a run for their money.

The village has nice Tibetan music to walk through. The ambience of the mountain while riding is straight from Everest itself ,I believe though I might be misktaken, so the authenticity is very realistic.

Oh the scenery and the view as you go up the mountain!!! All of WDW is before you, and even up to points of Orlando you go so far up! It really is a terrific spot to have put the mountain because every direction you can see WDW, whereas with ToT you can only see in front of you. So beautiful!!!


…You know you’re a man after my own heart. But I’m sorry to say, aside from having hair and living in the snow he’s really nothing like the Wampa. He’s not even white! He’s twice as big, twice as loud, and it takes more than a lightsabre to bring this bad boy down.


Well, I guess they would try and be different…but how cool would it have been to ride EE and see the Wampa? :eek:

So you’re a SW fan? SWEET!


What exactly does this mean. What shape and size cannot ride??


Congrats on the fiance!!! :c) I had no idea our Rowdy Raider was inlove :wub:

Rowdy, this is such a great thread!! Thank you for taking the time to answer all our questions!


I was afraid this would come up, but I’ll try to best interpret.

This ride goes through a mountain at high speeds and closed in caverns. There isn’t much clearance between the tracks and the walls of the ride. So a new type of train was created. You don’t share a seat like on Big Thunder. It’s a train kind of like rock n rollercoaster, meaning you get in next to someone, but you have your own seat. And it’s not an overhead harness. You’ve an individual lap bar. Therefore, very portly and very tall people may not fit and therefore, unfortunately, will not be able to ride. It’s strictly a safety thing. Please don’t PM or ask me about “how big is too big” because I honestly do not know what size is the maximum for width and height. I will say this, if you can ride Space Mountain comfortably you shouldn’t have a problem.


Yeah. Love stinks. Because of love I was forced to promise I wouldn’t ride this attraction until she was by my side. That was tough love there. But it paid off finally last week, and again today when she joined me again!

And no problem Erin, it’s an adrenaline rush to do so!


This ride is going to be so awesome! I so hope it’s open when we go in March!!!


What is the overall hurl factor? I am a wussy on coasters and won’t dare ride RNR or TOT. Too intense and I wear nice clothes I’d rather not spew on. SO scale of 1-10 - 10 being bring a bucket and 1 being IASW? I place BTM a 4-5. Space mountain to me can be a 6-7. I can do SM but need some time to settle afterwards hence my need for the People Mover.

6’4" - 250lb wussy - thats me.