ASM or All Star Sports


We want to take a quick and inexpensive trip in December to go to MVMCP. My AP gives me a rate of $59.00 for a value resort. The dates we would like to go are 12/14 to 12/17. The value resorts availble are ASM or All Star Sports. The only value we have stayed in is Pop.
Any opinions either way?
We will have a car.


Staying at ASsports beginning 9/17. Will have a TR when I return with a review of the resort.


We’ve stayed at both and they are virtually identical except for the theming. I would go with whatever you prefer. DD’s first trip it was ASM, and DS’s first trip it was AS Sports. Both were great.


Thanks! Have a great trip!


The only difference I can remember is one of the 2 shares the buses w/ ASMusic, so they tend to be a little more crowded. I think it was Sports & Music together and Movies was by itself, but I might have that wrong. Can somebody else please give me an assist here?:confused:

Prezcatz Paul


Actually, I remember in the research for our trip, that Sports had the better bus situation. But then again that was 4 years ago. Things may have changed.


Thanks for the bus info! We will have a car, so we will probably drive to the parks. But good to know incase we need to use the bus. My kids are 2 and 7 and being on a bus with a tired 2 year old is no fun!


I love to stay in the all star Movies.


There’s virtually no difference between ASSports and ASMusic. They’re almost exactly the same. There’s very little difference between all 4 of the values except that Pop is bigger than any one All Star and they don’t share a bus. The downside is, the buses are jammed at the end of the night. The All Stars have dedicated buses for MK, but share for all other destinations. All have food courts.


the buses were not crowded at all in jan. of last year when we atayed at ASMo. so i imagine what is “crowded” during summertime is not the same as in the winter.

re: driving your own car…you probably already know this…but i find myslef compelled to mention it…the bus ride is super fast…like 15 minutes to MK…if you drive…it will take you 2 to 3 times as long. with driving, parking, taking the ferry to the front entrance…it’s a real pain. so if you are planning on driving to MK…you might want to rethink that.

besides…most kids think the bus ride is fun! :C)

good luck…whichever resort you choose…you will be happy.


I agree taking the bus is faster, but I just hate taking a stroller on the bus! For me folding up the stroller and holding on to a 2 y/o is just a pain. He is a runner. And if the bus is crowded , it is so hard to hold the stroller and the kid. So if we arrive early we can park close enough to walk to the ferry…no folding and unfolding! So even though it make take longer…less stressful!

You are right… my DD(7) thinks the bus and monorail are great rides!


Thanks for your input. I really did not think there was much difference. Since I have heard so much about the busses being crowded, we decided to rent a car. We got a really good deal from dollar with a code from mousesavers. I think it came to $30.00 a day. We are planning on eating at Cape May and doing a carriage ride a Fort Wilderness so I thought it would be much easier to have a car, vs. depending on busses.


I would say that the resorts are the same, the difference is just in the theme… Movies vs. Sports. I like Movies but that is just my preference.


Stayed at Sports a few years back and It was great!! They did share a bus line at the time with both the other all-stars BUT…All-Star Sports was the first one toload and the first to unload. If this still holds true it’s not so bad at all.


We stayed at the ASM on our first visit. It was perfect for us and suited our needs. We were hardly at the resort, so we didn’t encounter any problems.


We have stayed at both. ASMovie resort in 2004 and ASSports in 2006.

For the ages of your kids I would suggest the Movie resort. They might be a little more thrilled with the theming. We stayed in the Love Bug section and it was great because even though it was at the back of the resort and very quiet. (the whole resort was quiet anyway) Since you are planning to drive you can park right behind that section and don’t have to walk across the resort to get to the transportation. We really like this one.

At the Sports I would also suggest the back section (Baseball theme). We found the Sports resort a little louder because of the amount of teenagers that like to stay there (no offence) The Baseball section had it’s own baseball diamond shaped pool that hardly had anyone in. The main pool here was always very crowded. We never used this one. We had a group of 14 people from ages 6months - 65years old. (kids were 6m, 1yr, 2yr, 4yr and 10) The parking is also right behind you, and if you opt to take the bus they are the first one on the All Star stop. The food courts are basically the same as are the lobbys and gift shops.
Next visit we are going to try the ASMusic, but if we had to choose between the other two we would pick the Movie. ASSports was not DH’s favourite and he is a sports lover.


I have been to both and I thought I loved the ASmovies but I think that I like the sports better. I stayed in toy story building and the surfs up building which both were very close


I could be wrong, but when I did research for our past stays, I found that the selection at the “Sports” foodcourt was not as good as at “Movies”. I went to to see the menu options. We have stayed at Movies twice & really enjoyed the theming (as well as the foodcourt).


We stayed at AS Sports last December around the time you are thinking of going and there was a high school basketball tournament going on so there were families from the involved schools that packed up the place. It is a nice resort, theming is ok.

My preference is to stay at ASMovies. The theming is way nicer IMO. Since the All Stars share buses there is not much of a difference in getting to the parks. The food courts all sell similar eats.

ASMovies is just nicer/cooler looking.