ASM Suites 2008 I just cancelled mine plus question about Poly


I have heard that rooms are hard to come by for next year already:blink: .

I just cancelled mime for 12/1-12/11 ASM suites if anyone needed it and could not get it for then. I just decided with more then a year away I booked us the following week 12/7-15 at Poly Club level.:eek: :blink: I very excited about . Dh has no idea yet neither do the kids! I thought I will spring it on him next year sometime before we have to get on the plane!

Is there any room i should try and get or avoid ? never have been there so any info on the rooms, or club level would be great! is there someplace i can find out what the club level perks are I know its drinks and snacks any idea what they actually serve? If I’m paying for it may as well get all i can out of it! I thought this trip when we go i can scan it out see what we are in for a year later!:laugh:


I have no advice about rooms, but I admire your chutzpah!:laugh:


Seriously. There’s no way I could keep it from my dh and kids. . . good luck!


Why even spring it on them at all until you check in and they take you out to the concierge lodge for check-in.
One side of the building is all water view, the other side overlooks the quiet pool and a few of the other lodges. It’s all or nothing. However, only the third floor has balconies, the second have a picture window. First floor does have a little piece of green and some chairs for each room.


So do I need to call back and request for the 3rd floor or should I go with 1st floor? is there a elevator or are we talking steps? I don’t mind steps but I know my kids will hate them after a while but if you get a worthy view etc etc its worth it!

what do you think???

I figure once i get back after this Xmas i can bust a move and get this one paid for and plan for a really cool Xmas tree while there too.


There is an elevator, but the staircase is open and goes right through the concierge lounge. I’d request third floor, but I enjoy a balcony. The first floor is kind of not private. You’re basically sitting out in front of your room on the lawn.


sounds like an amazing trip - good for you! and, I agree, if you are gonna surprise them - if you can do it, i’d wait until you get there. I for one could NEVER keep it a surprise! but, if you can, go for it!!!


I think I can , not sure yet its early I have next year to get through and be quite about it. I figure I can pay it off a little here and a little there and it will not be noticed so much!

The only thing after seeing some comments made that they don’t refill the lounge snacks and that they are not as attentive as the other resorts at the conceirge level. they are posts from months ago to last year so I am hoing that it will not be this way when we go.

I wish dh would just want to move that direction, disney would be alot cheaper to go to !


Knowing dh and how he is he would either not catch on that it was Club Level or he would give me the look oh hmmm don’t want to know what this set us back! he would not be mad or anything just wonder but yet not want to know the cost!

Good thing I handle the finances or I would not pull it off, he never looks in the check book:laugh: :tongue: